Wholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller

Wholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller, the user can be authorized at the specified time to operate it, and after time out, will automatically change to unauthorized type.

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    Wholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller

    The MR RTU5024G supports GPRS communication function and is very suitable for remotely monitoring outdoor cabinets and stations of telecom companies, traffic organizations, power supply companies, and so on. The door Opener GSM Controller can be authorized different repair person or maintenance person to open the cabinets or station at the specified time, saving time to get the keys for the locks and saving cost to repair or replace the locks while the person lost the key.

    Wholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller 1

    Wholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller 2Wholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller 10

    Advantages of Door Opener GSM Controller:

    • The 4G version can work in the worldwide 4G networks.
    • No call charges, the 4G gate Opener/Relay switch rejects the call from the authorized number and then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first ring.
    • Multiple applications ( Gates, Bollards, Barriers, Garage Doors, Shutters, and access doors or Machine)
    • Secure- using caller ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored.
    • Can be operated from anywhere, with no distance limit.
    • Add or remove users by SMS Text command or in the APP.
    • No need to provide a remote control or keys for different users.
    • Up to 200 authorized phone numbers can be configured at the specified time.
    • One output with relay rating 3A/240V AC for connecting the Switch of the door or Machines.
    • The relay action will return a SMS configuration to the owner or authorized call-in number, this function is editable by users.
    • The relay close or open time is programmable.
    • Based on the 4G network, is applied to many applications.
    • Smartphone App for Configuration.

    Wholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller 3


    Brand MR TECH
    Model NoMR RTU5024G
    Product NameWholesale Automatic Gate Door Opener GSM Controller
    TypeGarage Door Opener
    Power SupplyDC 12V/1A
    Frequency Range850/900/1800/1900MHZ
    Power Consumption12V Input 50mA/ Average 25mA
    Sim Card Support4G SIM Card
    Antenna50Ω SMA Antenna Interface
    Temperature Range-20ºC ∼ +60ºC
    Relay Rating3A / 240V AC
    Humidity RangeRelative Humidity 90%
    Backup Battery3.7V / 900 mAH
    Package IncludesGSM Gate Opener, Antenna, AC/ DC Adapter.
    Application Gates, Bollards, Barriers, Garage Doors, Shutters and access doors
    Optional Accessories Warning Light, Wi-Fi mobile Access with ( Voice Command Through Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri ), RFID, Vehicle LOOP Detectors, Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Bluetooth USB Port.

    GSM Gate Opener Remote Relay Switch for Garage Door

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