Beautiful Modern Mild Steel Sliding Gate Designs

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Sectional sliding gates are very reliable and have long trouble-free lifespans. Cantilever Sliding Gates, Telescopic Sliding Gates, and Curve Sliding Gates design HPL Sheet, ACP Sheet, WPC panels, and laser cutting occupy less space as compared to swing gates. It maximizes space on the drive because the gate opens sideways rather than inwards. Preference for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.


Latest Modern Mild Steel Sliding Gate Designs

Customized Automated Gates are designed and Fabricated in our company. Electromechanically driven remote-controlled Modern Mild Steel Sliding Gate Designs are hard and apt to be installed at any industrial, residential, or commercial premises. The automatic MS gates safeguard long-term steadiness and exceptionally blend in with the style of the buildings.


Mild Steel Sliding Gate Design Amazing Ideas for your Main Gates

Track Sliding Gates: Gates made for light industrial applications where there is a wide entryway opening ( in excess of 6 meters). They can be automated and customized with various sorts of infill, transparent or opaque relying upon site necessities. Modern Mild Steel Sliding Gate Designs offer better security than swing gates.

They are also known as hanging gates or trackless gates as they use concealed mechanical bearings instead of wheels for their operation and the entire gate is balanced on two hangers eliminating the need for a track. There is less friction due to trackless operation thus reducing the gate pull force. It requires less maintenance as bearings are concealed in the gate frame


Entrance Modern Mild Steel Sliding Gate Designs

Gates are designed to operate in a very compact parking space. It splits the single leaf of the sliding Gate into multiple leafs that move together in a telescopic action. These gates operate on a track sliding mechanism. They offer 40% more compactness than other gates.

Crash-rated Gate: These are hostile mitigation access control systems that are engineered and designed to sustain the impact of heavy vehicles crashing into them thereby securing and preventing any losses on site. Crash-rated gates find application in high value asset perimeter protection. These systems are Pas68 and Astmf2656 F2656M50 P1certified which ensures that the gate is designed in compliance with the required industry standards.