Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D

Intelligent Variable speed control, Deceleration zone and high speed zone can be set, Fast access and smoothly operation balanced each other these are the features of barrier

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    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D

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    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D

    An Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D is designed for a range of large opening up to 6m. It is ideal solution for controlling vehicle traffic in parking lots, private entrances, industrial and public uses.

    Quality control is our top priority, so we vigorously test our boom barrier gate to make sure a longer life span. with our excellent craftmanship, nice welding, galvanized and powder coated surface finishing, quiet and smooth during operation, our boom barriers can bring perfect user experience.

    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D


    Brand MRTECH
    Model NoMR-BB6D
    Product NameAutomatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate
    Current 6A
    Output Efficiency120W
    Humidity85% or Lower
    Insulation ClassF
    Gate Operation Time0.3∼5 Sec
    Altitude1000Meters or lower
    Operation Lifetime≥5 Million times
    Temperature Range-40ºC∼+60ºC ( temperatures below -20ºC require a heating element)
    Length of the arm1∼6 Meters
    Gross Weight47 Kg
    ApplicationHospitals, Shopping mall, Traffic Hub, Industrial Park, Government Buildings, etc.


    Accessories Included With Boom BarrierControl Board, Tension Spring, Remote Control, Manual key, Mounting Kit, Expansion Screws.
    Optional AccessoriesPhoto Sensor, Flashing Light, Bluetooth Controller, Wi-fi Mobile Access with ( Voice Command Through Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri ), RFID , Vehicle LOOP Detectors, Face Recognition, Bluetooth USB Port.

    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D

    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D

    Performance of automatic dc fence boom barrier gate:

    • Fast and smooth opening and closing (speed is adjustable)
    • Reliable 24V DC motor with link movement.
    • Designed for intensive use
    • Auto reverse at any time if hits an obstruction.

    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D

    Revolution Of Automatic Boom Barrier Gate


    1. Worm gear, general appearance
    2. The previous products use with Rv50 reducer and added the splint to compose the movement. The worm gear is a consumable product. After using a long time, there will be a large gap, the pole will be not stable and shake so will cause the gear reducer to grind.
    3. The products mainly used AC 220V motors, the fixed speed was not adjustable.
    4. Open structure, a low degree of protection, easy to enter the water.
    5. AC220V.
    6. During installation, needs to adjust the magnet position to ensure the door opening angle. After a long time, the shaking will affect the limit position or the pole may be deviated downwards.
    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D


    1. Gear transmission structure, beautiful appearance, compact structure, strong overall sense.
    2. The new products are tailor-made for this industry and the gear adopts the processing technology of worm grinding wheel grinding after heat treatment, fine rolling of hard alloy hob, etc., the accuracy grade ≥ GB / T100951, 2-2001 7 levels.
    3. The new product uses with DC brushless motor to avoid the problem of carbon brush life. Adjustable speed.
    4. The entire seal structure, a high degree of protection (≥IP55); have a rainproof capability.
    5. DC24V(Safe voltage)
    6. Installed the chassis, adjust the position automatically after powering on, and adjust the angle of the rising pole and falling pole at will.

    Automatic DC Fence Boom Barrier Gate MR-BB6D

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