Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control 300-868Mhz

Any WiFi connection into RF with our WiFi to RF Converter and Mobile App. Easily control your appliances from anywhere.

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    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control 300-868Mhz

    Input voltage: DC5V
    Standby power: <1W
    Encryption type: WEP/TKIP/AES
    Security mechanism: WAP/WAP2
    Working environment: Temperature:-10℃~﹢70℃ ; Humidity:5%~93%
    Support mobile phone system: Android5.0 or IOS10.1 and above is a WiFi to remote RF signal converter. Support fixed code and learning code, and most brands’ remote controls support a variety of remote control frequency bands of SUB-1G (240MHZ~930MHZ). This product makes it possible for the mobile terminal to remotely control the remote control device.

    This product is a Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Controlr. It connects to the Internet through wireless WIFI signals and uses the mobile phone APP to achieve various remote controls.
    This product can quickly learn the remote controls of traditional RF control devices, such as the remote controls of curtains, lights, doors, or security devices, and wirelessly control the relevant RF devices by transmitting the same RF signal.

    Finally, realize Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control 300-868Mhz through the mobile phone APP anytime and anywhere. Traditional RF remote controls have a limited range of control. This product can replace RF remote controls through signal conversion to transform traditional RF remote control devices into smart devices that can be remotely controlled via mobile phones and the Internet.


    Products Name RF Converter WIFI- Remote
    Model No MR-WFRF5050
    Operation Frequency 300-925 MHz optional
    Operating Voltage 5V DC
    Transmission Distance 100 – 150 M
    Color  White
    Static Working Current ≤12MA
    Memory capacity 2.4G RF Wireless Technology
    FacilitiesWaterproof, LED indicator light, Automatic, Wifi Control
    UsageAuto Doors, Car Alarms, Security Protection


    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control 300-868Mhz

    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control Wider Control Range

    To control the RF device with Wi-Fi to RF Bluetooth Remote Control, you have to stay indoors.
    MR-WFRF5050 RF converter helps to switch the signal, allowing you to control the RF devices from anywhere at any time.

    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control 300-868Mhz

    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control Using method

    Use the power cord of this product to connect to the USB female DC5V power plug, and place the product vertically or horizontally on the surface of non-metallic objects. When the electric buzzer is installed and a beep is heard, the power supply is normal, and the power indicator (red indicator) is always on. At this time, the device starts normally and you can perform the next step.
    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control 300-868Mhz

    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control Featur

    1. The device supports multiple brands of remote controllers and generates remote controllers directly through the APP brand selection list.
    2. Unknown brands can identify and add brand remote controllers through custom methods. (Support brand detailed reference list)
    3. The device supports copying universal fixed code and learning code to generate a remote controller.
    4. Remote control long distance: support multi-frequency(240MHZ~930MHZ), RF remote control signal is stable and long distance.
    5. Support one-button identification: support one-button identification, whether the customer’s remote control frequency and code type products support.
    6. Remote control: The mobile terminal can remotely control the remote control device to have a more convenient experience.
    7. Support one-click connection network: Simple access to the network, easy to operate.
    8. Remote management is simple: a single converter device can match multiple controllers of different brands, and the APP can delete and rename different brands of remote controllers.
    9. Support for power-off memory function: After the converter and controller learn for one time, the converter does not need to relearn the remote control (that is, the converter and controller pairing code only need to be done once)
    Wifi To RF Bluetooth Remote Control 300-868Mhz

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