QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

Fast Access Control Speed gate factory price gate Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate With Access Facial, RFID, QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University Security CE Certification

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    QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

    Speedy Turnstile barrier is designed to provide access control and complete security in the public passages. It demotes the way out of the security to the employees of an organization and also to the assets of a business. At the same time, it gives a high level of access to the open public and to the visitors. This has a big benefit for the people whose entire revenue depends on a constant pedestrian flow while safeguarding and securing its assets and personnel at a time.

    QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

    QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

    Functions and features:

    1. Designed reasonable and reliable movement, noise, smooth running, and long service life.
    2. Access prompt function: Red and green light prompt the passing information.
    3. The programmable gates control state, with a variety of operating modes you can chose, you can set a one-way or two-way control.
    4. Installation with personalized interfac, compactible with IC,ID cards and other smart cards.
    5. standard input and output interface
    6. Scour protecton function, when the gate signal is not received, the stick is automatically locked
    7. Bi-direction, or one direction permitted, one forbidden, or one direction charged, one for free, and all the working molds set by the buttons in the main control board
    8. Self-test failure alarm function, user-friendly maintenance and use.
    9. With the [power drop-shot function. In case of power off, the railing falls, and in case of power on, the railing automatically rise.
    10. Counting function: record the passing times, LED digital display function(optional)
    11. Waterproof, sunscreen, cold and high temperature.

    QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

    Product Technical Parameters

    Model NumberMR SPT254S
    MaterialSS304 grade stainless steel
    Thickness of materialbody cabinet 1.0mm, top of cover 1.2mm
    Arm materialAcrylic/Glass 10mm thickness
    Channel width ≤1000mm
    open gate signal inputDry contact signals, 232 or 485 commands.
    Unlocking time0.2s
    Speed of passage≤35p/Min
    Voltage input220V, 50H; (support adjustable)
    environmental temperature-25°C~+70°C
    working environmentIndoor/outdoor (under shade)
    MCBF≥5 million
    weightsingle core movement: 50KG / double core movement: 70KG
    configuarationone channel comes standard with 2 Astrometry air switches, 2 Meanwell switching power supplies, 2 motherboards, 2 super capacitors, and 6 pairs of infrared
    Driving MotorDC Servo motor or brushless motor: 24v/40w, 36v/200w, 24v/150w
    AlarmIllegal passage alarm, retrograde alarm, standard alarm, can be linked to the voice broadcasting, lights and other warnings, Mechanical anti-clamping, infrared anti-clamping and anti-clamping with current:
    Special Functions1. support normally open, normally closed, power failure door opening, fire linkage.

    2. Support memory mode, automatic reset, free to set the passage time, support timeout feedback, the device can be set remotely more than 10 kinds of flexible configuration gate mode.

    3. The equipment supports remote control of pedestrian passage time settings, as well as infare delay settings, and can be set in real-time feedback;

    1. The equipment has fault active feedback function, for gate failure, can actively upload fault code, realize the early warning, convenient maintenance
    2. Through the management computer to realize remote control door single pass open door, normally open, normally closed, fire control, return to normal and so on.
    Secondary development1. tripod turnstile gates, swing gates, wing gates, speed gates have a unified secondary development interface, a docking, can be connected to a variety of equipment;

    2.can also provide the gate 485 development protocol, has been encapsulated industrial control machine docking  gate development agreement (can provide RS485 protocol, windows APJ, Limoux APJ)

    patentpatented design products patented movement utility model products

    QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

    QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

    QR Code Reader Speedy Turnstile for Airport, School, University

    Optional Access Control Solutions:

    The turnstile gate can work with RFID Card, QR code, Barcode, ESD Tester. Thermometer Recognition, Face recognition, Fingerprint, Password Recognition, and other attendance device solutions.

    Occasion Application:

    suitable for commercial buildings, schools, GYM fitness centers or clubs, subways, airports, metro stations, IT Centre, office, college, term parts, Supermarket, Railway stations, Library, Exhibition halls, government buildings, financial, industrial, University,  institutions, clubs, and other high-end places related to entrance access control solutions.

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