AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase

The AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase is designed to operate high-speed rolling shutters, offering smooth and reliable performance

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    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase

    Owing to the presence of our expert team members, we have been able to offer a wide range of AC Rolling shutter motors. These are available with us in various technical specifications and range as per the precise demands and requirements of clients.

    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase

    Automatic Rolling Shutters:

    Electrical Type Rolling Shutters are operated by using a range of electrical actuators capable of operating shutters of all sizes. They are made up of self-braking worm gear with hollow shafts, integrated limit switches, and integrated safety brakes with overload protection. Operationally, AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase are relatively easy, hassle-free, and extremely safe and operate by integrating the control accessories like push-button, key selector, or remote controls. During downtime, the option for manual operation is also available

    Features of AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase

    • Overworking for a short time.
    • Built-in Control panel.
    • Overheat Protection.
    • Limit Switch Unit enables precise adjustment of door in UP and Down positions.
    • Electric and manual operations.
    • Release chain in case of power Failure.
    • Smooth Noiseless Function.
    • The Motor can be installed both on the Left / Right-hand side.
    • Safety Protection Sensor

    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase

    Three-phase mechanical motor

    • Models are from 600KG to 2000KG (can be customized according to customer requirements)
    • Limit switch automatic control
    • Low noise, low vibration power consumption
    • Precise and reliable positioning
    If for some reason the AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase connection is reversed, the motor will go in reverse and cause the door to fall down. But our motor can judge the phase inversion problem to make the door work properly and avoid any malfunction.
    If you cut one of the three phases, the motor still works, but it will burn up because it heats up fast, then the motor will sound the alarm and stop running to avoid burning the motor out.

    Which Motor is More Powerful AC or DC?

    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase is generally considered to be more powerful than DC motors because they can generate higher torque by using a more powerful current. However, DC shutter motors are typically more efficient and make better use of their input energy.

    Side rolling shutter motors are the most common automation product which is preferred by all automation companies across the world. Side motors are mostly used by heavy industrial and regular sized rolling shutters.

    AC Rolling Shutter Motor Technical Specifications

    Advantages of AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase:

    1. AC Motors are flexible and easy to control.
    2. Low startup power demands that also protect components on the receiving end.
    3. VFD or VSD add-ons that can control speed and torque at different stages of use.
    4. High durability and longer life spans.
    5. Capabilities for multi-phase configuration.


    Brand NameMR TECH
    Model NumberAC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase
    TypeAutomatic Door Operator
    NameAC Rolling shutter motor
    UsageGarage Shutter Door
    MaterialAluminum alloy
    Voltage380V 50Hz 60Hz
    Input Power1500 w
    Rated Current4.5 A
    Output Torque2450 Nm
    Output Speed3.6 (r/min)
    Max. Elevating distance16 m
    Max. Lifting 2000 kg
    Motor Weight27.4 KG
    Standard Tube6 inch
    MOQ3 Set
    ApplicationResidential, Commercials, Industrials.

    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase

    Accessories Included With MOTORLock Box with Key, Sprocket Bracket (main), Side Bracket, Transmission Plate, Supporting Plate, Shaft, Bearing Seat, Bearing, Chain, Chain Wheel.
    Optional AccessoriesBluetooth Controller, Wi-fi Mobile Access with ( Voice Command Through Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri ), RFID, Fingerprint, Vehicle LOOP Detectors, and Face Recognition.

    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase SIDE Bracket Optional Accessories

    Technical Specification of Rolling Shutters:

    TypeInput Power
    Max Lifting Force
    ( kg.f )
    Output Torque
    Output Speed
    Rated Current
    Max Elevating Distance
    Max Diameter of Roller
    Type of ChainWeight of the main machine
    220V 50Hz  / 220V 60Hz  /  110V 60Hz
    380V 50Hz  / 220V 60Hz  /  460V 60Hz


    Optional AccessoriesBluetooth controller, Wi-Fi mobile access Controller, RFID with Detector, Fingerprint, Vehicle LOOP Detectors, Face Recognition, Photocell sensor, Electrical  Side lock and center Lock, Bluetooth USB Controller, Safety edge, and Safety Break system.
    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase SIDE Bracket Optional Accessories
    AC Rolling Shutter Motors MRTRS-2000-3 Phase SIDE Bracket Optional Accessories

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      Good quality this motor

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