Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350

Automatic Swing Gate Openers are available in various model the purpose is depends upon weight of the gate and opening width, We Customize the product according to Requirement.

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    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350

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    1. DC24V low voltage motor that is safe and compatible with a backup battery.
    2. Metal pinion gear driving design with low working noise.
    3. Manual release with the secure customized key in case of power failure.
    4. Soft start and slow stop function.
    5. Adjust the opening/closing interval time of double gate leaves.
    6. Auto-stop if any obstacles are detected during operation.
    7. Automatic Swing Gate Opener, Built-in max motor running time adjustable for multiple safety protection.
    8. Separately adjust the force of double gate leaves.
    9. Single leaf or double leaves operation.
    10. Easy installation and low maintenance.
    11. 12 months guarantee, lifelong post-sales service


    Brand Name MRTECH
    Model NumberMR-SWGM350
    Type Automatic Gate Operator
    Name Automatic Swing Gate Opener
    Material Aluminum & Plastic
    Power Supply 220v / 110v
    Max. Operating Current 5A for maximum 10 seconds
    Max. Gate weight 350kg per leaf
    Max gate length 3.5 meters
    Operating Temperature -20ºc ∼ +50ºc
    Duty Cycle 20%
    Motor Weight 7.0kg
    MOQ 3 Set
    Application Residentials, Apartments


    Accessories Included With Automatic Swing Gate OpenerControl Board with box, Remote Control, Voltage transformer, Rubber Bush, Manual key, and Wall Mount Kit.
    Optional AccessoriesPhoto Sensor, Flashing Light, Bluetooth Controller, Wi-fi Mobile Access with ( Voice Command Through Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri ), RFID, Fingerprint, Vehicle LOOP Detectors, Face Recognition, Bluetooth USB Port.


    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350
    Control Board of Automatic Swing Gate Opener
    The MR-22A is a smart control panel that an easy to connect, simple to set up, and has a feature-rich control box vast amount of
    features as listed below.

    Adjustable Overcurrent adjustments
    Safety Sensor connection input
    The automatic Courtesy Light Output
    Ultra-High Security Rolling Code remote system allows for the highest form of security for entry to your property weatherproof with a seal
    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350 Control Board
    Automatic Swing Gate Opener, Automatic Setup Feature to learn the Ramp Up and Slow Down points of the gates Automatic Feature Learning will learn all features of the remote with a simple pairing process
    Adjustable Automatic Close time of up to 2 minutes this can be toggled by remote, keypad, or push button Second Motor Delay Time, the second gate motor can operate simultaneously with the first gate motor or be delayed by 3 to 5 seconds.
    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350
    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350
    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350

    Solar Powered System Automatic Swing Gate Opener:

    • 1pcs*Solar Panel
    • 2pcs*battery 12v 9AH
    • 1pcs*battery chargerThe backup battery system will allow the continued use of the gate system for up to three daysof regular use and will automatically recharge upon power restoration.
    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350

    MR TECH Photoelectric Safety Sensor Set HW-07

    • 1 Pair in 2 pcs
    If the gate with the infrared begins to close and the sensor path is interrupted then the gate will stop and return to the open
    position. And it will close again.
    * Up to 15 Metres Infrared beam operating distance
    * Only powers on when the command is given to close the gates
    Automatic Swing Gate Opener MR-SWGM350 Electric Locks

    Optional Electric Locks MR-02 for automatic Swing Gate Opener

    • Whole including 2 meters of wires
    The gate lock is ideal for improving your gate safety The DS-02 electric gate lock automatically locks and unlocks the gate when
    the gate opener is activated. It is a perfect solution
    to provide stability and additional protection from damaging forces, prevent breakages
    from the strong wind, and improve animals’ safety. An electric
     lock is strongly recommended when your gate is longer than 7 feet (1.5 meters).

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