Latest Automatic Boom Barriers Manufacturers

An automatic boom barriers is designed for a range of large openings up to 6m. It is the ideal solution for controlling vehicle traffic in parking lots, private entrances, and industrial and public uses. 

As a manufacturer, we have more than 15 years of experience in designing, producing, and installing barriers. The result is a superior boom barrier with the best after-sales service. our company has always adhered to the business principle of  “Quality is first, the customer is supreme”, 

Quality control is our top priority, so we vigorously test our boom barriers to ensure a longer life Span. With our excellent craftsmanship, nice welding, galvanized and powder-coated surface finishing, and quiet & smooth during operation, our boom barriers can bring a perfect user experience.

What are Boom Barriers?

The latest Automatic Boom Barriers Manufacturers or Boom Barrier gates are horizontal poles or bars pivoted to manage the flow of the vehicle by allowing or halting the vehicle. The boom Barriers replaced traditional manually operated ones with automatic boom barriers. Taking into consideration the current scenario where we can see the digitalization of the road traffic control and management system and digitalized approach towards everything there needs automatic boom barriers.

Types of Automatic Barriers

  1. Straight Arm Boom Barrier
  2. Folding Arm Boom Barrier
  3. Fencing Barrier Gate
  4. Telescopic Boom Barrier
  5. Advertising Barrier Gate
  6. LED Light Barrier Gate.

Automatic Straight Arm Barrier Gate

 DC 24v Automatic Boom Barrier Gate

Heavy-duty Straight Arm Barriers from MR TECH are customizable. This goes for all of their boom barriers. Automatic straight-arm boom barriers are horizontal and short. They aren’t recommended for low-clearance buildings. There are various options for the optical housing color of the automatic straight-arm boom barrier which include yellow, orange, white, red, and blue, and can be customized. The boom barrier gate’s arm can move in either direction. You can also choose unidirectionally.


Product NameAutomatic Straight Arm Boom Barrier
Arm MaterialAluminum Alloy. (Optional: Mild steel, Stainless Steel )
Arm TypeStraight Arm
VoltageDC 24V
Current7.5 A
Open/ Close Time1.5 ∼ 6 sec Adjustable
Motor Rated Speed780 RPM (No load), 600 RPM (Rated)
Operation Lifetime≥10 Million times
Temperature Range-40ºC ∼+75ºC
Output Efficiency180 W
Boom Length3 ∼ 6 Meters ( Customized sizes Available )
Gross Weight50 Kg

What is the Barrier Arm Gate Basics?

It is vital to understand the functioning of barrier arms, as they are mechanical devices powered by either the electric motor or hydraulic systems. They can be raised and lowered via a lever, with adjustable speed depending on traffic flows.

Advantages of Straight Arm Barrier:

  1. Opening and closing times of a minimum of 0.3 s to 1.2 s.
  2. Very low operating cost due to efficient and long-lived Brushless motor.
  3. Very user-friendly and optimistically accessible.
  4. Barrier arms can easily be integrated into existing security systems, to provide an extra layer of protection
  5. Designed for a 10 million opening and closing process.
  6. Visibility: They are highly visible and act as a deterrent for would-be intruders.
  7. Although remote control is now common use can access the Automatic Boom Barrier With it.
  8. Automated arms can be operated remotely or with a button or card. This makes them an ideal choice for properties that require fast access control.
  9. They are relatively user-friendly and easy to operate, without the need for intensive training.


Suitable for Toll Plaza, Malls, Public Parking, Traffic Areas, Government Buildings, etc.

Anti- Crash Folding Arm Boom Barrier

Road Safety Anti- Crash Folding Arm Boom Barrier

Curved Folding Boom barriers could match with the direct boom (pole), folding boom, or fence boom. It is widely used for parking or traffic, toll systems, etc facilities, the outlooking is elegant and the construction is designed easy to operate. The folding boom enables a maximum boom length of 6 meters even with low environment heights. The Pushrod keeps the front part of the barrier boom horizontal even when the barrier is opened.

The articulated boom system is designed for highly frequented use in the parking area. Crash Folding Arm Boom Barrier  The Arm is of two types one is a 90º  foldable barrier arm and the other is a 180º Foldable barrier arm. The barrier is available in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow, orange, red, grey, and blue. The color can be customized to meet the client’s needs. The control system of the folding arm barrier retains high-tech digital chip technology, as well as an anti-collision function, therefore, protecting passengers in the vehicle when being operated. The use of the latest technology makes the barrier gate very effective.


Product NameAnti-crash Folding Arm Boom Barrier 
Arm MaterialAluminum Alloy
VoltageDC 24V
Boom Pole Length1∼6 Meters 
Remote control Distance≤30m
Operation Lifetime≥ 5 Million times
Current7.5 A
Working Temperature -30ºC ∼+80ºC
Arm TypeFolding Arm Type 180º / 90º
Protection classIP54
DriveTorque Motor
Output Efficiency90 W
Gross Weight50 Kg
MOQ3 set
Open/ Close Time1.2 ∼ 6s Adjustable
Power Consumption60 W

Features of Folding Boom Barrier:

  1. Free-maintenance torque motor ensures 100% duty cycle operation with 6 million
  2. Easy Installation and maintenance reduce your labor cost
  3. Anti-collision mechanism will protect the boom arm not to being damaged once the boom arm collides with a vehicle
  4. Anti-hit by pressure resistance bounce
  5. Automatically close after the given time (programmable)
  6. Motor over-current protection, steady, low noise, fast speed
  7. Manual release functionSystem automatically self-checks operation status and reports error code.
  8. High-sensitivity arm auto reverse function ( intensity can be adjustable )
  9. Automatically close or open by loop detector (optional)
  10. Anti-condensation in cold climate.


These boom barriers are primarily used in Factory entrances, Vehicle parking lots, Exhibition centers, Transit fare collection Lobby areas, and Toll tax posts.

Traffic Fencing Arm Boom Barrier

Motorized Traffic Fencing Arm Boom Barrier

We are boom barrier manufacturers in India. Our Straight Automatic boom barrier with fence arm is used in commercial and residential societies. This is the best solution for controlling and restricting unwanted entries of animals/ live stocks in secured premises. These automatic barriers are operated through the electrical power supply. Advance gate automation is used as a boom barrier to restrict the entry and management of parking systems.

The simplicity of the Fencing boom barrier design fits perfectly into any location. These boom barriers are stylish, simple, cost-effective, and innovative. This automatic boom barrier is driven by a 24 v motor controlled by a specially designed control unit that tracks the movement, speed, acceleration, and deceleration and performs self-learning in the event of power failure.

Technical Specification:

Brand MR. TECH
Product NameTraffic Fencing Arm Boom Barrier
Arm MaterialAluminum Alloy
Frequency50/60 HZ
Current 6A
Output Efficiency120W
Humidity85% or Lower
Open/close  Time0.3∼5 Sec
Arm TypeFencing Arm Red/ white
Operation Lifetime≥6 Million times
Temperature Range-40ºC∼+60ºC ( temperatures below -20ºC require a heating element)
Protection classIP54
Boom Length1∼6 Meters ( Customized Size Available )
Remote control distance≤30m
Gross Weight55 Kg
Altitude1000Meters or lower

What is the Working Principle of Automatic Fencing Barrier?

The fencing barrier comes with sensors for the safety of the barrier and people. The control system is connected to the ground, which is located within the trail surface. The initiatory loop makes the fence not descend abruptly when the vehicle is in the passage area. The fencing arm moves up when the car is passing through the barrier, and then it will automatically come back to its closed position.

Functions and Features of Traffic Fencing Arm Boom Barrier:

  1. DC permanent magnet synchronous motor, servo control.
  2. The motor has the same performance as the main motor of the CNC machine tool and the electric vehicle motor, it has high control precision, high torque density, good torque balance, low power consumption, high efficiency, and low noise.
  3. Bi-direction boom holder design: left-installation and right-installation can be exchanged easily and quickly.
  4. Manual clutch design: when power is cut, turn the hand wheel a little, then move the boom by hand.
  5. Double tension spring crank transmission design, for a more stable and reliable structure.
  6. No limit switch design, accurate encoder detection, detecting boom position when powered on. And open/close speed is adjustable.
  7. Adopt a unique arc extinction processing circuit to ensure the service life of the control panel.
  8. More sensitive and reacting faster when reversing on obstacles.
  9. Wireless remote control receiving module integrating one million groups of learning codes with high performance to ensure operation stability.
  10. With counting, delay auto-closing, and auto-aging test functions.
  11. 4-digit digital tube display displays more information.
  12. NO/NC wire control signal inputs are optional.
  13. Integrated RS485 Communication, infrared photocell, and loop detector interface. RJ45 network, loop detector, and radar module can be added.


  1. Office Building
  2. Bank
  3. Wholesale Center
  4. Pavilion
  5. Industries
  6. Residential
  7. Toll
  8. Company Entrance

Car parking Telescopic Arm Barrier

Car Parking and Toll Plaza Telescopic Arm Boom Barrier

Telescopic Boom Barriers are used to regulate the flow of vehicular traffic, but they can also be used to control pedestrian access. They consist of a movable barrier, or boom, that is mounted on a pivot point and can be raised or lowered to block or allow vehicles or pedestrians to pass through.

Telescopic Boom Gate and Telescopic Boom Gate dual rail are clever designs suited to applications where overhead space is restricted or where there is insufficient room for a swing gate. Available in both single and double rail models, the dual rail model is suitable to install as a loading dock safety gate, providing maximum fall protection from loading dock edges.  Automatic Telescopic Arm Road Boom Barrier is often used at entrances to parking lots, toll booths, and other controlled access areas. They are also commonly used at border crossings, military bases, and other facilities where security is a concern.


Brand MR. TECH
Product NameCar Parking Telescopic Arm Barrier
Arm TypeTelescopic Arm
Arm MaterialAluminum Alloy
Boom Length1.5 ∼ 6 Meters ( Customized Size Available)
VoltageDC 24V
Remote control distancewithin 30 meter
Current7.5 A
Operation Lifetime≥ 6 Million times
Output Efficiency100 W
Open/ Close Time3 ∼ 6 sec Adjustable
Gross Weight47 Kg
Lever to Ground890 mm
Temperature Range-40ºC ∼+80ºC
MOQ3 set

What is the use of Boom Barrier?

This Car Parking and Toll Plaza Telescopic Arm Boom Barrier access barrier provides a secure and convenient solution for stopping unauthorized vehicles or giving access to authorized vehicles, for parking lots with high traffic flow such as toll gates, shopping centers, exhibition centers, airports, hospitals, etc.

Advantages of Telescopic Arm Barrier Gate:

  1. Auto bounce back function. Built-in sensors can detect when an arm hits obstacles.
  2. Intelligent limited sensor. Limited sensors can check open & close positions automatically. No need to adjust it by hand.
  3. Position memory function. The motor can remember limited position, so it will move back to the right position even when we turn the motor handle to avoid the motor stuck.
  4. Longer working life. It can open and close 6 million times.
  5. Outdoor waterproof, Multi-Environment adapted
  6. Crank and rod structure makes the boom run placidly
  7. The barriers open methods: Swipe card to open, Remotely open, Manually open.
  8. The telescopic booms can be locked off at a fixed length to what an available height allows or can be left to automatically retract as the gate is raised.
  9. No/NC wire control signal inputs are optional.
  10. Auto delay when closing can be adjustable.


Suitable for Highways, Toll stations, open – parking grounds, underground parking, community, shopping centers, etc.

LED Screen Advertising Boom Barrier

Remote Control LED Screen Advertising Boom Barrier

An advertising barrier is best suited for restricting entry and exit while promoting the advertisement on the boom parallelly. The boom is a mosaic of high-strength aluminum blades. It is a perfect combination of optics and electricity that is designed for 24 x 7 operation. Advertising is a marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote their products or services. Advertising is differentiated from public relations in that an advertiser pays for and has control over the message. It differs from personal selling in that the message is non-personal, i.e., not directed to a particular individual.

what are the different types of advertising?

  1. Paid search advertising.
  2. Social media advertising.
  3. Native advertising.
  4. Display advertising.
  5. Print advertising.
  6. Broadcast advertising.
  7. Outdoor advertising.

Technical Parameters:

Product NameLED Screen Advertising Boom Barrier
Frequency50 HZ
Current 5A
LED light power300W
Arm MaterialAluminum Alloy
Open/close time3∼6s adjustable
Motor Power Consumption140W
Operation Lifetime≥5 Million times
Remote Control Distance ≤30m
Temperature Range-30ºC∼+60ºC
Boom Length 1∼6 Meters
Gross Weight43 Kg

Features of Advertising Boom Barrier:

  1. An advertising boom barrier is suggested wherein the client requires branding/advertising to be done on the boom barrier.
  2. Can be suggested that the client wants a sliding gate but has no parking space.
  3. Adopt photosensitive sensor control to control LED light, more intelligent.
  4. Available up to 6 meters in length.
  5. Strong anti-jamming capability.
  6. The advertising barrier’s house is durable and water-proof, so it can be used outdoors.
  7. Long lasting time, Advertisement can be shown 24/7.
  8. Direction and speed are adjustable.
  9. Multiple control way is provided for the user: Push button, remote controller, log-range reader, etc.
  10. A barrier made of strong Aluminum alloy, Anti-corrosion, and Anti sun protection.
  11. Precise positioning & can adapt to highly restricted parking.
  12. Adding the Loop sensor, the following functions can be realized: auto close, auto bounce up, etc. It can automatically close the gate and perfectly prevent smashing the car.

How does a barrier gate work?

A boom barrier is made up of a pole or bar that is pivoted from a fixed point to move in a vertical direction. This bar or pole allows to block the access of any vehicle or even a person through an entry gate. Since boom barriers are most commonly used at checkpoints, they are also referred to as boom barrier gates.


Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor parking areas, parking lots, toll gates, goods yards, railway crossings, commercial premises, stadiums, business centers, etc.

Remote Control LED Screen Advertising Boom Barrier

Automatic LED Light Boom Vehicle Barrier

Automatic Trafic LED Light Boom Vehicle Barrier

Our automatic vehicle barrier brings all the best characteristics of the existing barriers on the market. We are pioneers in adopting the use of high-performance brushless motors, which reduces your need for maintenance to a minimum.  The LED lighting for barriers works similarly to traffic lights: it lights up red when the barrier is down or moving, and green when the barrier is up. Its brushless motor gives it great reliability, long life, low maintenance, high speed, and excellent performance.

Technical Parameters:

Product NameAutomatic LED Light Boom Vehicle Barrier
Arm TypeStraight Arm
Boom Length1∼6 Meters ( customized Size Available)
Boom DirectionLeft or Right Adjustable
Arm MaterialAluminum. (Optional: Mild steel, Stainless Steel )
VoltageDC 24V
Temperature Range-25ºC ∼+70ºC
Current7.5 A
Open/ Close Time1.5 ∼ 6 sec Adjustable
Operation Lifetime≥10 Million times
Brushless Motor125 w AC / 150 w DC
Motor Rated Speed780 RPM (No load), 600 RPM (Rated)
Output Efficiency180 W
LED Power Supply12 v
Gross Weight50 Kg
MOQ3 set

Features of automatic vehicle barrier:

  1. Elegant design with boom illuminated by LED light. LED light can be on the top of the boom arm or light points on the boom. It prevents from hitting boom in the dark.
  2. Security system anti-breakage of the arm by horizontal impact.
  3. Allows the connection of photocells, detection loops, traffic lights, etc…
  4. Works with all parking control systems. Easy integration.
  5. Opening speed available in 0.8/2/4/6 seconds, depending on boom length
  6. Motor designed for continuous use with minimal noise, wear, and temperature.
  7. Manual lifting in case of electrical failure.
  8. High-security design in obstacle detection includes re-open / emergency stop functions.
  9. Low energy Consumption
  10. A service life of up to 10 million cycles.


LED Light Boom Barrier Suitable for Toll Hubs, Railway Crossings, Government Buildings, Parking Hub, etc…

Automatic Trafic LED Light Boom Vehicle Barrier

RFID and license plate recognition for Boom Barrier

Automatic Boom Barrier Supports a variety of external devices like Infrared Photocells, loop Detectors, Parking  Control Systems, Wireless Remotes, Manual buttons, RFID, LED Light, Long Distance Reader, LPR Camera, Wifi control.

Optional Accessories for Automatic Boom Barriers:

  1. Photocell sensor.
  2. Wi-fi USB Controller.
  3. RFID with Detector.
  4. Voice commands Through Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.
  5. Bluetooth controller.
  6. license plate recognition
  7. Wi-Fi mobile access Controller.
  8. Face Recognition.
  9. Loop Detector

How do traffic loop detectors work?

The inductive-loop system behaves as a tuned electrical circuit in which the loop wire and lead-in cable are the inductive elements. When a vehicle passes over the loop or is stopped within the loop, the vehicle induces eddy currents in the wire loops, which decrease their inductance.

RFID Tags:


Boom barriers with RFID tags make them more efficient. With the help of RFID tags, boom barriers become even safer and ensure flawless security of place. It will allow only registered Vehicles that have RFID Tags.

Photocell sensor:

A photocell is an electronic component that detects the presence or absence of light. They are used in a wide range of fields, including automation, and security. Photocells operate on the principle of converting light energy into electrical energy.

RFID and license plate recognition for Boom Barrier

What Material should you use?

When selecting a barrier arm, it’s important to consider the size of the opening and the amount of clearance needed for different types of vehicles. Common materials used in their construction include Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood and PVC

Aluminum is generally considered by experts as the best material for barrier arms, due to its durability and light weight.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when choosing a Barrier Arm.

  1. With so many choices available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Unfortunately, a common mistake is not researching enough before making a selection; remember: cheaper isn’t always better – the weakest part of any security is usually its most vulnerable element.
  2. Additionally, don’t forget to consider your power requirement ahead of time to ensure that your arm will be installed in an area that can easily be connected to your property’s power source. If not you run the risk of incurring additional labor costs for the installer to trench and pull conduit to the location for power.
  3. Regular Maintenance and testing are also essential; if you don’t plan to do repairs yourself, make sure there is a professional in the area who is familiar with your model of barrier arm. After all, any security measure is only as effective as the attention it receives.

Final Thoughts

Barrier arms are an effective deterrent for unauthorized vehicles entering a property. the mere presence of these security devices is usually enough to stop drivers from attempting to tailgate or sneak in; they can also be integrated with existing surveillance systems and RFID Chips.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

1. What are the types of boom barriers available?

Boom Barriers are available in different types including Straight arms, fence arms, folding arms, telescopic arms, and advertising types. 

2. What are boom barriers made of and are they durable?

Boom barriers are made of robust steel and are usually considered durable for the kind of function they have to perform. They are installed more for regulating traffic than high-security and they are capable of doing that perfectly.

3. Can boom barriers be automated?

Yes, boom barriers or boom gates can be automatically by installing a scanning facility. Users can scan their tickets to open and enter. This makes them more efficient and affordable.

4. Why is a Boom barrier required?

Boom barriers are dependable, improve security and traffic flow control, and provide immediate privacy from unauthorized entry. They’re built to last and are incredibly durable. They’re also built to withstand wear and tear and be low-maintenance and space-efficient. Barriers play an essential role in a variety of industries.

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