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We, MRM TECHNOLOGY EXIM are the Gate Motor with Remote manufacturers of automatic gate openers, including sliding gate openers and swing gate openers. Our gate openers have a family series of professional industrial designs. Sliding gate openers range from 300KG, 500KG, 800KG, 1000KG, 1500KG,2000KG, and 4000KG  and we also have piston version swing gate openers for small light gates. We have a professional technical and sales team with more than 10 years of experience in the gate automation industry. We believe we could provide you with professional gate solutions and reliable service.

A gate opener, also known as a gate operator, adds convenience and security to any property, from single-family homes to multi-tenant gated communities. By installing a commercial gate intercom system, you maintain control over who can access your property while sparing tenants the hassle of manually opening the gate.

Gate openers vary widely, from simple motorized, solar-powered devices to more advanced gate intercom systems.

How does a gate opener work?

Gate openers work by using a power source to automatically unlock and open a gate, preventing the need for someone to manually open the gate themselves. Automatic gate openers are usually powered by one of the following:

  1. Alternating Current (AC) Power
  2. Solar Power
  3. Batteries

The gate operator depends on signals sent by a user’s access credential to determine when to open. When activated, the credential’s signal notifies the gate opening system to push or pull the gate open. Then, the gate closes after a vehicle passes through.

Types of Gate Openers:

  1. Sliding Gate Operator
  2. Swing Gate Operator

How do I choose an automatic gate opener and system?

Three things to consider in a gate opener system are gate type, power source, and frequency of use

1. Gate Type: Consider the size of the gate needed to control pedestrian access or vehicle access. Based on the type of access, you can figure out where you’ll need room for your gate to slide or swing open.

2. Power source: If your installation location has access to AC/DC power, you can an electronic gate system. However, an installation point without electricity available could require running wire to the entrance.

3. Frequency of use: How often will people need to open the gate? High-traffic residential living properties require a heavier, more durable system than commercial properties.

Automatic Sliding Gate Operator

Residential Sliding Gate Operator

Residential Sliding Gate Operators are a mix of convenience and class. While there are many types of gates, this particular type uses a rack and pinion technology where the rack is moved by the gear motor by sliding the gate on the track which is made by toughened MS.When the question about the size of the gate that can be automated, you can be assured that any gate weighing between 200 to 400 kg can be automated

The main part of an automated Residential Sliding Gate Operator is its gate motor. These gate motors come in two different variants- AC and DC. The major difference is that DC motors are used for small gates with battery backup and solar power, Whereas AC/DC motors are used in gates that are on the heavier side for their might and durability. To tackle the issue of a power failure, our motors are equipped with a manual mode function- meaning, they can operate even in case of power failure. All the motors have with non-reversible gearbox which helps in locking the gate even without a drop bolt or any kind of lock.

To avoid any type of accident, we’ve made these gates smart! These motors are intelligent enough to track any obstacle and stop wherever they detect anything on their way, preventing any kind of physical damage to man or machine. Since the gearbox is oil-based, the operation is silent and protected by a thermal switch to safeguard, it in case of any overheating. The advanced electronic control unit permits opening time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step-by-step control, stop safety, reverse safety, etc.

Technical Specification:

Product NameSliding Gate Operators
Power SupplyAC 220V/50Hz; AC 110V/60Hz
Motor Power
Gate Moving Speed11-13m/min
Max. Weight of Gate
Remote control distance≥30m
Limit SwitchSpring Limit Switch / Magnetic Limit Switch
Noise≤60 dB
Protection ClassIP44
Remote control modeSingle button mode / Three button mode
Working DutyS2 , 20min
Recording of remote Controls25
Frequency433.92 MHZ
Working temperature20ºC  ∼ +70ºC
Package weight

What are Limit Switches?

A limit switch is an electromechanical device operated by a physical force applied to it by an object. Limit switches are used to detect the presence or absence of an object.

These switches were originally used to define the limit of travel of an object, and as a result, they were named Limit Switch.

Magnetic Limit Switch:

The Magnetic limit switch is a three-sided active low digital hall effect switch with three internal hall effect elements located on the top and sides of the sensor. The three elements are connected in parallel so that any one of them will trigger the sensor.

Hall effect sensors detect the presence of magnetic fields. The Magnetic Limit Switch is an omniploar momentary switch meaning it will trigger when there is sufficient field strength of either magnetic pole ( north or south ) detected.

Spring Limit Switch:

Limit switches are electromechanical devices consisting of an actuator mechanically linked to an electrical switch. When an object contacts the actuator, the switch will operate causing an electrical connection to make or break.

Features of Sliding Gate Motor:

  1. Operates on Remote/Switch, it is possible to operate this system with almost any access control system (RFID, Biometric, etc)
  2. With a flashing lamp for notification of the gate in operation.
  3. Auto closing gate delay time adjustable.
  4. With the new wireless keypad, the gate only operates with a password set by you (optional)
  5. Automatically locks the gate and can only be operated remotely and with the key provided for manual operation.
  6. With variable speed and force control. In-built obstruction detection and over the current setting.
  7. Photocell behavior control on obstruction.
  8. Soft start/ close.
  9. Pedestrian Mode.

Technical Specification:

Product NameSliding Gate Operators
Power SupplyDC 24V
Motor Power
Gate Moving Speed11-13m/min
Max. Weight of Gate
Remote control distance≥30m
Limit SwitchSpring Limit Switch / Magnetic Limit Switch
Noise≤60 dB
Remote control modeSingle button mode / Three button mode
Working DutyS2 , 20min
Recording of remote Controls25
Protection ClassIP44
Frequency433.92 MHZ
Working temperature20ºC  ∼ +70ºC
Package weight
Residential Sliding Gate Operator Gate Motor with Remote

Modern Swing Gate Openers

Automatic Swing Gates Operators

Automatic Swing Gates Operators remind us of all things old-fashioned. They have a retro appeal that is unmatched. Ideally, gates with a length frame of 2 meters to 7 meters are automated. The gear motor used for this type of gate is either a hydraulic or electromechanical gear motor.

As far as types of automation for swing gates go, there are a lot of types in which we specialize. they are inclusive of Bi-directional Leaf opening, and Bi-directional dual folding leaf opening. As special features, we also integrate security systems, access control systems, GSM modules, and Android applications for all types of swing gate automation. Some extra additives we offer are

  1. Models available with frequent, heavy, and intensive duty rating
  2. Electromechanical actuators ensure highly maintenance-free and silent operation
  3. Provision for manual operation in case of power failure
  4. The model with articulated arms for gates not perfectly vertical and/or with wide pillars, underground operators are also available for ornamental gates
  5. Built-in anti-crushing safety
  6. Advanced electronic control unit permits operation time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step-by-step control, stop safety, reverse safety, and many more such operations.

Types of Automatic Swing Gate Operator:

  1. Swing Gate Arm Opener
  2. Swing Gate Roller Operator
  3. Swing Articulate Gate Opener
  4. Swing Underground Operator
Automatic Swing Gates Operators Gate Motor with Remote

1. Swing Gate Arm Type Opener

Swing Gate Arm Type Motors

They have a long thin motor body, and one end is fixed to the wall or a gate post or pillat. Instead of pushing and pulling a hydraulic arm out of and back into its body like hydraulic rams, the linear screw type of electric Swing Gate Arm Type Motors spins a threaded shaft inside its casing. This shaft has a gate mounting bracket with an internal thread screwed onto it.

The motor housing does not completely enclose the threaded shaft so that the mounting bracket can protrude from the housing and still move up or down the threaded shaft’s length freely. By attaching the bracket to the gate, spinning the threaded shaft with the Swing Gate Arm Type Motors screws the bracket up or down the shaft. Because this is attached to the gate it pushes it open or pulls it closed as it moves up and down the threaded shaft.

Technical parameters:

Product NameSwing Gate Arm Type Opener
Power Supply220V AC/110V AC ; DC 24V
MaterialAluminum and Plastic
Motor Power
Arm’s Extended Speed
1.6 cm/s2.0 cm/s2.4 cm/s
Max. Single leaf Gate Weight
Remote control distance≤30meter
Max. Single leaf Gate Length
2.5 M3 M3.5 M
Duty cycle20%
Maximum operating current4A for maximum 10seconds
Maximum Gate open angle110º
Continuous working time5 minutes
Protection ClassIP 55
Working temperature-20ºc ∼ +50ºc
Per Motor weight 


  1. Comply with European safety design, DC 24 v low voltage motor that, is compatible with backup power supply.
  2. The appearance of the motor body adopts anti-uv material which has outward retention in resisting any tough environments.
  3. Anti-theft clutch design can switch the operation to manual control easily when power fails.
  4. Soft start and slow stop.
  5. Available to set pedestrian mode.
  6. Adjust the opening/closing interval time of double-gate leaves.
  7. Auto-stop if any obstacles are detected during operation.
  8. Built-in max motor running time adjustable for multiple safety protection.
  9. Separately adjust the force of double gate leaves.
  10. Single leaf or double leaves operation.
  11. Easy installation and low maintenance.

Advantages of our Swing gate operator:

  1. The control panel can connect flashing lights, photocells, backup batteries, solar systems, keypads, and so on.
  2. Controlling single or double-leaf motor is optional.
  3. Can adjust open and close door time.
  4. 24V DC backup battery can be input. 
  5. High-speed operation can be adjusted.
  6. Set extra remote control is easily
  7. Works with Wi-Fi device to operate the gate on Mobile phone applications.
Swing Gate Arm Type Motors

2. Roller Swing Gate Opener

Automatic Roller Swing Gate Opener Motor

The Automatic Roller Swing Gate Opener and Gate Roller Motor have a complete range for all your residential and commercial applications. our SWGM series Roller type swing gate opener operates with gates up to 5m wide and max. 1200kg per leaf weight and designed to work even in case of intense usage and demanding environmental conditions. It is highly reliable, cost-effective, and maintenance-free.

Technical parameters:

Product NameAutomatic Roller Swing Gate Operator
Power Supply220V AC/110V AC 50/60 Hz
MaterialAluminum and Plastic
Motor Power180W
Working Speed2.4 cm/s
Max. Single leaf Gate Weight400Kg, 600KG 1000KG, 1500kG
Remote control distance≤ 50 meters
Max. Single leaf Gate Length5 Meters
Duty cycle30%
Rated Current /Max. current3A / 10A
Maximum Gate open angle180º
Protection ClassIP 54
Working temperature-20ºc ∼ +50ºc
Motor weight 15 kg

Functions and Features of Roller Swing Gate Opener:

  1. Anti-collision design: when the door body travel is completed, only after pressing the reverse key, the motor can be activated so that the over-travel can be avoided.
  2. Motor time protection: Avoid long time running when travel fails, the time set to 2-90 seconds.
  3. Auto close function: The time can be adjusted from 1 to 120 seconds.
  4. Motor force adjustment: Motor running force can be adjusted separately. When the barrier blocks, the door stops traveling in case of clamping people or objects.
  5. Motor running speed adjustment: The running speed of the motor can be adjusted.
  6. High-security remote control functions: Sensitive remote control, far remote control distance, strong anti-interference, and adopt the most advanced jump code technology, higher security, and confidentiality compared with the traditional remote controller now on the market.
  7. Anti-clamping function: When a barrier blocks the infrared rays, the gate stops travel and moves reversely in case of clamping people or objects.
  8. LED display fault detection: It is easy to use and maintain through the LED screen.
  9. Resettable PTC Fuse: Prevents Transformer overload and dangerous overheat
  10. Automatic open close Force learning: Turns to learn the openers travel and forces into a no-brainer
  11. Warning Light: Operate warning lights for extra safety.

Infinite possibilities: Open your door to the world of smart devices

The Roller swing gate operator can be accessed using

Remote control:

Hand transmitter, Wireless keypad, wireless wallswitch.

Smart Access Control:

App link wifi/ Bluetooth mobile phone access control, Car link USB mini door/ gate Access controller, car plate recognition system.

Wired control system:

Face recognition access control, Fingerprint / ID card access control, 3-button controller, Wired wall switch.

Automatic Swing Gate with Roller Motors Installation from Trichy Automatic Roller Swing Gate Opener

3. Residential Swing Articulate Gate Motor

Residential Motorized Swing Articulate Gate Motor

Articulated Arm Gate motors of the different types of automatic gate openers available, the articulated arm motor is the easiest to see in action. There are fewer hidden components than in arm or linear screw types of automatic gate motors.

The motor is housed in a casing that is mounted to the gate post or other solid object near the hinges. The motor output shaft has the casing on its underside where a two-part, joined arm is mounted. The other end of the arm is attached to the gate. Operating this type of automatic gate opener rotates the arm slowly so it opens or closes the gate


Product NameArm Type Articulate Gate Motor
Power SupplyAC220V/ 110v ; 50Hz / 60 Hz , 
Max. Single leaf Gate Weight
Remote control distance≤ 30 meters
Max. Single leaf Gate Length
Running Time protectionAdjustable
Opening Gate Speed
14 S/ 90 degree15 S/ 90degree18 S/ 90degree
Noise50 db
Max Torque
Auto closing delay timeProgrammable ( from 0 to 99 seconds )
Protection ClassIP54
Working temperature-20ºC  ∼ +70ºC
Door Opening Angle90º,100º,110º,120º
Motor weight 
20 kg27 kg35 kg

Articulated swing Operator Features:

  1. Available for installs 2 openers or 1 openers with a single control box.
  2. Integrated mechanical limit switches that permit to eliminate the ground stops.
  3. Travel time protection, mechanical limit switch failure, travel time protection function to open, standard 30 seconds.
  4. Users can select the auto-close function.
  5. Soft start and slow stop, smooth operation, and low noise.
  6. Automatic learning of remote control.
  7. Keypad / single button interface.
  8. Alarm lamp, photo beam, and safety beam interface.
  9. Available with an articulated arm or sliding arm.
  10. Manual key release design for emergency purposes.
  11. 24v DC self-locking electromechanical operator for intensive use.
  12. Tempered steel mechanical features to guarantee sturdiness and solidity.
  13. Amperometric sensor obstacle detection system to prevent crushing.


  1. Fully secure and reliable system: For the larger gates, the use of security, with an irreversible motor, so no need for electric locks, when power fails, the release device may be manually controlled by the door. Release handle with a key, safe and reliable.
  2. Flexible installation, easy adjustment:  Structural design is a rigorous, and demanding, but easy and quick installation. Crank-type designs for the size requirements have great flexibility in mounting. According to the occasion, you can also use the leaner one. very powerful, more suitable for heavy doors.
  3. Innovative Technology: The opener comes with a built-in mechanical internal motor that stops without gate stops and does not need to apply electric locks, The motors are equipped with accurate parked in the open and closed-end side of the limit switch for more convenience.
  4. Reliable quality: The MR TECH gate control operation system has indisputable advantages, and uses high-quality waterproof anti-corrosion material, ensuring long-term use.
Residential Motorized Swing Articulate Gate Motor Gate Motor with Remote

4. Swing Underground gate opener

Swing Underground gate opener

All Swing Underground gate opener types of automatic gate openers are bolted inside foundation boxes that are mounted under the gate hinges in specially dug pits. The only parts of the motor you can see are the foundation box lid and the motor is attached to the motor output shaft sticking through a hole in the foundation box lid.

The gate motor arm is attached to the underside of the gate and it and the motor output shaft act as a gate’s bottom hinge. Operating the motor slowly rotates the arm which opens or closes the gate.

Of all the different types of automatic gate motors, undergrounds need to be the most powerful, require the most work to install but are the most discrete. Arm type and linear screws need the least power but Arm type requires careful alignment when they are installed. Articulated arm gate openers can be used on thick gate pillars but the arm on these motors creates a possible hazard not present with other Swing Underground gate openers. As the gate opens, the articulated arm’s two components close together like scissors so it’s important that nothing can be caught between them during their operation.


Product NameUnderground Swing Gate Operator
Power SupplyAc 220v /110v 50Hz/60Hz
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Operating VoltageDC24V
Power Consumed
Max. Single leaf Gate Weight
Remote control distance ≤ 40 meter
Max. Single leaf Gate Length
3M, 5 M3M, 5 M
Clutch SystemAdjustable
Thrust600 N
Absorbed current5A
Limit switchStopper
Opening Degree0 to 180 degrees
Protection ClassIP 64
Working temperature-20ºc ∼ +50ºc
90 Degree Rotation Time10 seconds
Motor weight 

Operator Features:

  1. Adjustable time of fast speed and slow speed.
  2. Adjustment of force during fast speed and slow speed.
  3. Auto close function.
  4. Adjustable closing time delay for the motor with electric lock.
  5. The operator can install a Swing Underground gate opener, safely out of sight, in their special zinc-plated containers with drainage holes to deal with rainwater.
  6. Single and Dual swing is optional.
  7. DC 24V backup battery (optional).
  8. Underground openers are their easily accessible manual unblocking mechanism so that the gate can be opened during power cuts.
  9. Flashing light AC 220/110V and DC 24V (optional)
  10. A separate control box is required and 240v AC and 24v DC versions come with obstacle detection.
  11. Optional Devices: DC24V Gate lock, photocell, keypad, push button, Extensional receiver box
  12. Magnetic limit switches: This type of limit switch ensures safe and precise installations in any ambient conditions
  13. Auto-learning work cycle.
  14. Share permissions with others to open and close the gate, learn programming, and set parameters.


Suitable for Residential, apartments, Resorts, Private Villas, Industries, etc….

Swing Underground gate opener Gate Motor with Remote

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is home automation? 

Home automation is the use of technology to automate tasks in the home, such as turning off the lights or setting the thermostat. This can be done through a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and dedicated automation systems.

2. Why do homeowners have electric gates?

The four prime reasons that homeowners install electric gates are

  1. Security
  2. Convenience.
  3. Safety and comfort.
  4. Resale Value.

3. Can existing manual gates be automated?

Generally, they can be automated but there will be some exceptions. Much will depend on the layout of the overall site and the state of repair of the existing gates, the gate posts, the hinges, and the gate leaf alignment

4. How often do I need to have my electric gate serviced?

Just like every car, every electro-mechanical device will fail at some time in its lifetime. An electric gate system, which is constantly subjected to al the elements, really needs a service every 12 months. Systems that are serviced will continue to operate for years.

5. Is it possible to open my gate from my mobile phone or remotely?

We have several options for opening your gate. The most popular options are the remote control fobs or to have a keypad at your gate. There is also the possibility of using a GSM gate dialer which uses a mobile phone sim card to allow you to open the gate. Finally, we also have a video intercom system that uses the internet in your home to remotely open your gate from your smartphone

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