Automatic Swing Gate Openers MR-SWGM350-DC24

Automatic Swing Gate Openers are available in various model the purpose is depends upon weight of the gate and opening width. The working temp -20º to +60ºC the performance is good.

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    Automatic Swing Gate Openers MR-SWGM350-DC24

    The application of automatic Swing Gate Openers access system at various corporate, private and industrial areas ensures safety by disallowing illegal intrusions of vehicles into the premises. It uses state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated security control systems to enhance tight security. Suitable for gate upto7mtr opening. Gate weight Max. 600kg (both leaf) Environmental protection.


    Brand Name MRTECH
    Model Number MR-SWGM350-DC24
    Type Automatic Gate Operator
    Name Automatic Swing Gate Motor
    MaterialAluminum & Plastic
    Power Supply 24V dc
    Max. Operating Current 4A for maximum 10 seconds
    Max. Gate weight 350kg per leaf
    Max gate length 3.5 meters
    Operating Temperature -20ºc ∼ +50ºc
    Duty Cycle 20%
    Motor Weight 7.0kg
    MOQ3 Set
    ApplicationResidentials, Apartments
    Accessories Included With MotorControl Board with box, Remote Control, Voltage transformer, Rubber Bush, Manual key, Wall Mount Kit.
    Optional AccessoriesPhoto Sensor, Flashing Light, Bluetooth Controller, Wi-fi Mobile Access with ( Voice Command Through Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri ), RFID , Fingerprint, Vehicle LOOP Detectors, Face Recognition, Bluetooth USB Port.
    Automatic Swing Gate Openers MR-SWGM350-DC24
    • swing gate opener Specification
    • Driving Method: Screw Driven Piston Type
    • Operating Voltage: DC 24V
    • Operate the single gate width up to 3.5M
    • Operate the single gate weight up to 350KG
    •  Waterproof IP55 design
    • Adjustable Force
    • Adjustable time-delay
    • Manual Release
    • Microprocessor-based control panel
    • Working time protection
    • Available to connect photocell, loop detector, card reader, backup battery, etc.
    Automatic Swing Gate Openers MR-SWGM350
    Advantages of Automatic Swing Gate Openers:
    1. The Control panel can connect flashing lights, photocells, backup batteries, solar systems, keypads, and so on.
    2. Controlling single or double-leaf motor is optional.
    3. Can adjust open and close door time.
    4. 24VDC backup battery can be input. (this is use a large controller, our standard controller is small size.)
    5. A high-speed operation can be adjusted.
    6. Setting extra remote control is easy.
    7. Automatic Swing Gate Openers Work with wifi device to operate the gate on Mobile Phone App.

    Technical data

    Max Piston Speed 2.5 cm / second
    Max. Piston stroke250mm / 350mm
    Supply voltage110 v / 220v (Transformer Built-in Control Board)
    Backup Battery12v DC Lead-acid
    Remote Control4 Channel, 433.92 MHz

    Packing & Delivery

    Automatic Swing Gate Openers MR-SWGM350-DC24

    Included Kit

    2 x Heavy duty motors that are pre-wired with motor cables
    2 x Override spanners
    2 x Remote controls
    1 x Control panel
    2 x Post mounting bracket
    2 x Gate mounting bracket
    1 x Rubber Gate Stop
    1 x Instruction manual

    Technical Parameters:

    1. Control Panel Voltage: AC24V, available for 24 V backup battery. 2. Applicable Range: Suitable for double arms swing gate opener. 3. Encoder For a transmitter: Our own customized rolling code. 4. Support remote control: Can memorize 120PCS transmitters at most 5. Motor character: 24V DC motor x2

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