Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector

Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector is associated with the magnitude of the output, which varies with the intensity of light hitting the sensor.

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    Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector

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    Working Principle of Reflective Photocell:

    High-quality wireless universal reflective laser infrared sensor, A photoelectric sensor emits a light beam( visible or infrared) from its light-emitting element. A reflective-type photoelectric sensor is used to detect the light beam reflected from the target. A thru beam-type sensor is used to measure the change in light quality caused by the target crossing the optical axis.

    Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector

    Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector Benefits:

    • This product uses a laser as the light source and through the principle of light reflection, to achieve the presence of sensing objects or obstacles.
    • The product adopts transmitting and receiving in one design, which simplifies the installation for users
    • The Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector calculates the positions of the object by reflecting from the surface of the object, which can be done without installing a reflector plate
    • Product with buzzer prompts for user-friendly distance positioning or testing during installation.
    • Products with power-down save the current distance setting value function, which the user can use normally as long as the configuration once
    • The product can set the sensing range before installation, which greatly facilitates the user’s experience.

    Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector


    Brand MR TECH
    Model NoMR RFPS12M
    Product NameReflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector
    VoltageAC:9V∼24V ( AC Frequence: 50HZ/60HZ) DC:9V∼30V
    Sensing Distance0.3m – 8m
    Frequency≤80mA@12V (1max = 150mA )
    Output InterfaceGND/AC, VCC/AC, NO/NC, COM
    Reaction Time100ms
    Power Consumption0.96W
    Tx Input3V
    Working Current80mA @ 24V DC
    Package IncludesPhotocell Sensors.
    FunctionAuto shut-off, Anti-shock, Automatic
    Application Rolling Shutter, Automatic Gates, Retractable Awning, Boom barriers.
    Optional useGate Motors, Garage Doors, Boom Barriers, Glass Door, Rolling Shutter Operator, Safety Motors, Hydraulic Rising Bollards, Automatic Lifting Roadblocks, Hydraulic Spike Road Blockers, Tyre Killer, and Road Blockers


    Reflective Laser Photocell Infrared Motion Detector


    1. Reflective Laser wireless photocell sensor beam for Sliding door/ Garage Door/ Barriers
    2. Sensing Distance: 0.3m ∼ 8m at reflectivity ( 10% – 90% )
    3. Reaction Time: ≥100ms
    4. High Reputation among our customers.

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