Wireless Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor for Motors

Wireless Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor for Motors the response time is extremely fast because light travels at high speed and the sensor performs no mechanical operations because all circuits are comprised of electronic components.

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    Wireless Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor for Motors

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    These sensors operate on the principle that an object interrupts or reflects light, so they are not limited like proximity sensors to detecting metal objects. This means they can be used to detect virtually any object, including glass, plastic, wood, and liquid.

    Wireless Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor for Motors


    Brand MR TECH
    Model NoMR RPS12M
    Product NameWireless Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor for Motors
    Voltage220V AC and 24V DC
    Current Consumption 30mA Max.
    Ambient IlluminationSunlight: 10,000 lx max
    Sensing Range10-15 Meters
    Response Time3 ∼ 15º
    Ambient Temperature-40º ∼ +70ºC
    Insulation Resistance20MΩ min
    Sensing SurfaceModified Polyacrylate
    Package IncludesPhotocell Sensors.
    FunctionAuto shut-off, Anti-shock, Automatic
    Application of Best PhotocellRolling Shutter, Automatic Gates, Retractable Awning, Boom barriers.
    Optional use  Gate Motors, Garage Doors, Boom Barriers, Glass Door, Rolling Shutter Operator, Safety Motors, Hydraulic Rising Bollards, Automatic Lifting Roadblocks, Hydraulic Spike Road Blockers, Tyre Killer, and Road Blockers

    Wireless Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor for Motors

    Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor Benefits:

    1. Reflector Reflection Panel: Equipped with reflective panels to amplify and reflect light.
    2. Antipodal Type: Counter-launched Photoelectric Switch Sensor Sensing Distance: 0.5 -15M.
    3. Smart Chip: Built-in Intelligent chip anti-interference, Accurate detection, and more sensitive response.
    4. Tail Rotation Adjustment: Free adjustment of sensing sensitivity and precision within an effective range, Clockwise adjustment for far, and counterclockwise adjustment for close.
    5. ABS flame-retardant material: Insulation, flame retardant, waterproof and oil resistant, Durable and strong anti-interference ability.

    Wireless Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor for Motors

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