Automatic Sliding Gate Opener MR-SLGM1200

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener MR-SLGM1200 are widely used motor type which was proposed for industrial, Residentials, Commercial, etc. The modern device are used to control the gate from anywhere.

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    Automatic Sliding Gate Opener MR-SLGM1200

    The 1200kg automatic Sliding Gate Opener is designed with an AC motor, and the gear rack operator provides a soft start, lasting operation, and slow down which make it ideal for most applications.
    It is an all-in-one motor and control panel, making it simple to install and extremely compact and neat. You can connect a solar power system or backup battery to get power, and also can connect with an AC transformer to get power from home.


    Brand Name MRTECH
    Model Number MR-SLGM1200
    Type Automatic Gate Operator
    Name Sliding Gate Motor
    Material Aluminum & Plastic
    Power Supply 220v AC / 110v AC
    Rated Motor power 350 W
    Max. Loading 1200 KG
    Output Speed 50 r/min
    Open/close Speed12 m/min
    Limit Switch Type Magnetic / Spring
    Output Torque 30 N.m
    Max. pull force1100N
    MOQ3 Set
    ApplicationResidentials, Apartments, Industrials, etc.


    Accessories Included With MotorControl Panel with Box, Base Mount Plate, Remote With Receiver, Safety Sensor, Pinion , Fitting Accessories.
    Optional AccessoriesPhoto Sensor, Flashing Light, Bluetooth Controller, Wi-fi Mobile Access with ( Voice Command Through Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri ), RFID , Fingerprint, Vehicle LOOP Detectors, Face Recognition, Bluetooth USB Port.

    Features of Automatic Sliding Gate Opener:

    1. AC/DC motor with built-in control panel.
    2. Built-in manual override with 2 supplied unique override keys in case of emergency or power failure.
    3. All metal gears make them durable and long-lasting.
    4. Soft start and soft stop.
    5. Resistance sensitivity and auto-closing delay time adjustable.
    6. Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening /closing.
    7. Reliable mechanical spring limit or magnetic limit optional.
    8. Automatic Sliding Gate Opener the aluminum alloy base makes it available for all kinds of bad weather.
    9. Backup batteries and solar systems are available for DC sliding.
    10. 12 months guarantee; lifelong post-sales service.
    Automatic Sliding Gate Opener MR-SLGM1200
    Automatic Sliding Gate Opener MR-SLGM1200

    Technical Specification:

    Rated Voltage220v±10% / 110v±10%
    50Hz / 60Hz
    220v±10% / 110v±10%
    50Hz / 60Hz
    220v±10% / 110v±10%
    50Hz / 60Hz
    220v±10% / 110v±10%
    50Hz / 60Hz
    Max Loading Weight500kg600kg800kg1300
    Gear ModulusM=4M=4M=4M=4
    Open/Close speed15m / min12m / min12m / min12  m / min
    Electric Motor24v DC220v AC / 110v AC220v AC / 110v AC220v AC / 110v AC
    Rated motor Power120W200W280W380W
    Output Speed5or/min±10%5or/min±10%5or/min±10%5or/min±10%
    Output Torque(N.m)16.8-32 N.m16.8-32 N.m16.8-32 N.m16.8-32 N.m
    Limit switchSpring / MagneticSpring / MagneticSpring / MagneticSpring / Magnetic
    Working Temperature-20ºC ∼ +55ºC-20ºC ∼ +55ºC-20ºC ∼ +55ºC-20ºC ∼ +55ºC
    Automatic Sliding Gate Opener MR-SLGM1200
    The following are supplied with the AC motor electric sliding gate opener kit:
    1*motor with built-in control panel
    2*remote controls
    (Rack steel or nylon racks are optional)
    1*handle hardware accessories

    Basic function:

    1. Weatherproof
    2. Manual Override
    3. All Metal Gears
    4. Metal Gear Drive

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