Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate

the swing turnstile gate can receive the signal from your access control system and running Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate

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    Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate

    Tripod turnstile gates offer dissuasive automated Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate access control for sites with heavy use. Well-built for increased durability, they efficiently control high throughput. Since they can be installed inside or outside buildings, they provide control of occasional user abuse. This is simple, economical and compact equipment.

    Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate

    Product Technical Parameters

    Model NumberMR TT238
    Product nameTripod Turnstile
    ApplicationSecurity Access Control Management
    Material304 stainless steel
    Power supplyAC 220V/110V 10% 50/60MHZ(optional)
    Warranty1 year
    KeyboardTripod Turnstile steel
    Working environmentTemperature: -10~+60
    Typefull automatic or semi automatic
    PASS SPEED30-40 Persons/min
    Material304 Stainless steel
    Drive voltageDC24V
    Lane width<_610mm
    Net weight50kg
    Access speed40 people/min
    Open Close speed0.2sec
    Rotating DirectionalSingle and Double adjustable
    SignalDry contract
    Working environmentIndoor outdoor
    Temperature-25 C –70 C
    Relative humidity<90% no condensation

    Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate


    1. The turnstile is intended for facilities with high traffic capacity: stadiums, universal sports complexes, exhibition centers, concert halls, cultural and educational institutions, transport facilities, etc.
    2.  Full-featured integrated access control software;
    3.  The integrated reader is designed to read contactless cards and all types of barcodes;
    4.  The interactive screen supports graffic and video display;
    5.  Convenient and user friendly management interface + API for connecting an external ACS;
    6.  High capacity. Instant triggering when a card or ticket is presented;
    7.  A two-way intelligent light display module shows the direction of passage and ticket category;
    8.  A patended unique anti-panic system-when alarm is triggered, the arms move to the lower position, therby ensuring an unobstructed passage;
    9.  A dapted to work in extreme conditions. Outdoor operation is possible both in the conditions of the Siberian winter and the heat, humidity and dust of Qatar.

    Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate

    Functions and features:

    1. Designed reasonable and reliable movement, noise, smooth running, and long service life.
    2. Access prompt function: Red and green light prompt the passing information.
    3. The programmable gates control state, with a variety of operating modes you can chose, you can set a one-way or two-way control.
    4. Installation with personalized interfac, compactible with IC,ID cards and other smart cards.
    5. standard input and output interface
    6. Scour protecton function, when the gate signal is not received, the stick is automatically locked
    7. Bi-direction, or one direction permitted, one forbidden, or one direction charged, one for free, and all the working molds set by the buttons in the main control board
    8. Self-test failure alarm function, user-friendly maintenance and use.
    9. With the [power drop-shot function. In case of power off, the railing falls, and in case of power on, the railing automatically rise.
    10. Counting function: record the passing times, LED digital display function(optional)
    11. Waterproof, sunscreen, cold and high temperature.

    Optional Access Control Solutions:

    The turnstile gate can work with RFID Card, QR code, Barcode, ESD Tester. Thermometer Recognition, Face recognition, Fingerprint, Password Recognition, and other attendance device solutions.

    Occasion Application:

    suitable for commercial buildings, schools, GYM fitness centers or clubs, subways, airports, metro stations, IT Centre, office, college, term parts, institutions, clubs, and other high-end places related to entrance access control solutions.

    Best Electronic Mechanism Pedestrian Turnstile Barrier Gate


    Can this swing barrier gate wiyh anti-tailaing alarm?

    yes, Anti-alarm is our standard request.

    What is the using lif of this speed gate?

    More than 5,000,000 times.

    Can I using our own access system to control the swing barrier gate?

    Yes, the swing turnstile gate can receive the signal from your access control system and running.

    Can you offeraccess control system?

    Yes, we have our access control system like rfid cards, QR codes, Barcode. Ticket selling systems, face recognition. ect.

    Can you make my own brand?

    Yes, we have 12 ODM Experience since 2009. we can make our private design and logo.

    What is the warranty policy?

    During 12 months warranty period. any parts running wrong or problems, we will send the free to replace.

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