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Automatic Curved Sliding Gates 078

Automatic Curved Sliding gates are Controlled by Remote receiver, Mobile App’s, RFID. The motor Driven Gates are very popular and energy Saving one.

140.00 KG

How do Automatic Curved Sliding Gates work?

Automatic Curved Sliding gates are used for Less Space area for wide openings and it more efficient than other gates types

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The Sliding gate is the physical object that is moved to block the gate opening. Most gates used in commercial applications are made of either ornamental iron or chain-link material and are usually designed to match the fencing adjacent to where the gate is installed

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MaterialMS steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron.
Customized DesignHPL Sheet, WPC Panel, ACP Sheet, Laser Cutting Design, etc.
Size Various types of sizes Available Customer Requesting
ColorWhite, Black, Silver, and Costumer Requesting colors are Available
Surface Treatment  Hot-Dip, Galvanized, Powder Coated.
Open StyleSliding gate
Optional openSliding-type, folding type, Bi-folding, Turning Sectional Sliding Gate, Cantilever Gate, Telescopic Gate, Retractable Gate.
Key WordsMain Iron Gate Designs
Drawing DesignAccording to Your request
Optional  productsAutomation, manual,  Semi-Automation, Voice cement System, fingerprint system,
ApplicationHouse, Industrial, commercial place, Warehouses

Curved Sliding gates

Curved Sliding Gates consist of two gate panels that are hinged together. When activated, these gate panels fold back onto themselves to allow access. Most commonly, Curved gates are similar to the working principle of the sliding gate. These type of sliding gates requires multiple sections of gate according to the size which moves like a train on a track

Best Selling Automatic Curved Sliding Gates 078

what Should I Consider before opting for a Curved Sliding Gate?

Best Selling Automatic Curved Sliding Gates 078

  • The Space available for a gate to move through while opening ad closing plays a big part in the selection of swing gates or sliding gates
  • opening times and design preferences are important too, but space is the most significant limitation
  • A sliding gate needs to slide along a continuous, straight track across the driveway opening between the pillars or posts until it has completely cleared the opening
  • the best ones will conduct a safety audit to identify the potential risks and propose procedures for the design and construction of the automatic gate system, as well as its usage, that eliminates as many of these as possible

Can sliding gates go around corners?

  1. Curved gates are a great alternative to swing gates where higher security levels are required and where there’s not enough space to for a standard sliding gate to slide open. swing gates are easily pushed open in a double configuration and when there are no extra locks fitted
  2. When a sectional gate is used with a sliding gates motor it is locked securely when closed and can’t be moved. These gates are visibly appealing and draw quite a bit of attention.
  3. These gates are fairly simple to fabricate but there are a few rules that you have to adhere to otherwise it will be an expensive disaster.

Procedure for Manufacturing Curved Sliding Gates

Step 1: Bill Of Materials, Tools

Step 2: Fabricating the Panels

Step 3: Gate Assembly

Step 4: The Dreadful Rail

Step 5: Installation

Automatic Curved sliding gates Working Principle?

  • Curved Gates move across a driveway opening into space to the side of one gate post that is both in line with the opening and longer than the gate itself
  • It is most often a single leaf, with wheels beneath its base that runs on a track across the driveway entrance.
  • Sliding gate are moved by a motor to which a protruding toothed cog is attached.
  • This meshes with a rack mounted on the inside of the gate, opening or closing the gate as the motor rotates the cog

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