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    Automatic Swing Gate with Roller Motors Installation from Trichy

    Suitable For Residential And Commercial Applications. Swing Gate with Roller Motors Weighing Upto 600kg – 1500 Kg each Leaf

    A Complete Range for All your Residential and Commercial applications. Our MR series Swing Gate with Roller Motors type Swing Gate opener operates with gates up to 5m wide and 1200kg per leaf weight and is designed to work even in cases of intense usage and demanding environmental conditions.

    It is highly reliable, cost-effective, and maintenance-free









    Compact Design- all-rounders for a better quality of living

    Automatic Swing Gate with Roller Motors Lower energy consumption, more convenience and scope for design, and lower installation costs. Our bespoke Roller Type Operator is the ideal solution for your modernization or new-build Gate

    Product features:

      • Easier to drive the gate: The motor is mounted on the far end from the hinge point.
      • Special sliding groove: This enables the tolerance to the unevenness of road surfaces up to 90mm, a maximum tolerance of up to 300mm.
      • Unlimited opening angle: As far as the opener is concerned, the opening angle can be greater than 180°.
      • Automatic locking unit: This unit combines the closing and the locking actions.
      • Optional manual operation: At power cut, the operation mode can be easily switched to manual with a key.
      • Convenient installation: This can be mounted to any gate regardless of the condition of gate posts or the Swing Gate with Roller Motors itself.

    Swing Gate with Roller Motors

    Input Voltage:AC220V/110V
    ModelMR SRO1200
    Working Voltage:DC 24V
    Ambient Temperature:-50℃ ~+50℃
    Rating Power:115W * 2
    Gate Width (per wing):≤6M
    Gate Weight (per wing):1200kgs
    Regular Components:Roller Motor 2 motors, 1 panel, 2 remote controllers
    Optional parts:IR sensor, storage battery, visual doorbell,  card reader, fingerprint reader
    Weight (kg):26
    Dimension (cm):45*35*32


    MR. Series Roller-type operators are smooth, quiet, and easy to operate. They provide you with numerous options to make things more convenient for you – such as radio-remote operation. This gives you all the functions in the palm of your hand, Open, Stop, Close, And Single leaf opening, and compatible with an auto-identification system: Linked with a camera, card reader, etc., the opener can jointly achieve the purpose of safety and anti-theft, entry or exit

    Basic functions:

      1. open up or close up in sequence
      2. Automatically stopping function against extra resistance
      3. Infrared protection interface
      4. back-up power supply interface
      5. operating time limit protection
      6. optional operation mode for single or dual-wing
      7. adjustable interval setting in sequent close-up
      8. adjustable operating time limit setting
      9. automatically stopping and running reversely against excessive resistance during closing-up
      10. interface for the card reader and underground detector
      11. adjustable time setting for the automatic close-up function


    • Open and close the gate by remote control (up to 30 meters) / switch and other access control systems via RFID, Biometric, VDP, mobile app, etc.
    • Models are available for gates up to 1000 kg and up to 6 meters
    • With the new wireless keypad, Gate only works with the password you set
    • Over-load and over-heat protection function by the inbuilt thermal sensor.
    • Emergency gate opening.
    • Automatic gate delay time adjustable.
    • Auto stop when the working gate meets resistance.
    • Choose to control 1 leaf or 2 leaves.
    • One control unit for two motors,
    • With flashing day for instruction of gate in operation;
    • Photocell optional (automatic stop to resist during gate opening);
    • This kit operates a steel or wooden gate and can be mounted in front of or behind the gate post
    • Remote control operating distance up to 100 feet
    • The gate locks automatically and can only be operated by the remote and key provided for manual operation.
    • Rotate / LED warning lamp for instructions on the gate in operation
    • Environmental protection. Working at temperatures from -20 to +50 C, water-resistant
    • Standard opening time 5 to 8 seconds.
    • You can use this motor with UPS.
    • All kits come with a 1-year full warranty and free technical support.
    • Passed CE test (European standard)


    1. What is home automation?

    Home automation is the use of technology to automate tasks in the home, such as turning off the lights or setting the thermostat.

    This can be done through a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and dedicated home Automatic Swing Gate with Roller motor systems.

    2. How does home automation work?

    Home automation is the process of automating the tasks and activities that are typically carried out in the home. This can include tasks such as turning lights on and off, setting the temperature, opening and closing doors, and more.

    Home automation systems typically use sensors and other devices to detect when someone is present in the home, and then carry out the appropriate actions

    3. What are the basics of gate automation?

    The signal sent to the gate controls from remotes, intercoms or access control keypads instructs the motor controls to operate.

    The setup could be a single motor on a sliding gate or the more common two motors on swing gates. Automated Swing Gate with Roller motor systems commonly use electric motors or hydraulic systems to move

    4. What are the advantages of gate automation?

    Gated: 7 Advantages of Automated Gates

    • Better Perimeter Control. …
    • Enhanced Security. …
    • Expanded Privacy. …
    • Greater Convenience. …
    • Improved Curb Appeal. …
    • Increased Property Value. …
    • Optimized Safety.

    Roller Type Swing Gate Opener Gallery

    Sliding Gate:

    1. runs parallel to your fence or entrance
    2. needs a clean track and rollers to function properly
    3. mounting and operation costs more
    4. saves space; requires little room to operate, but the ground has to be level for the gate to slide freely

    Swing Gate:

    1. less expensive than a Swing Gate with Roller Motors
    2. only need hinges to install
    3. maintenance-free, especially if it’s a manual gate
    4. no motor or electronic to malfunction
    5. takes up more space to function properly

    Remote Access Gates:

    1. access codes via keypad or card
    2. install cameras to see who’s there
    3. answer from smartphone apps
    4. manage codes and notifications online

    The cost also depends on the type and size of gate you design:

    1. Size. The bigger the gate, the more expensive.
    2. Material. Wood is cheaper than metal.
    3. Hardware. Hinges latches, and any gate operating mechanism could cost you more.
    4. Labor. If you want the job done right, you may want to call in the professionals to install the gate and operator.



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      Plot No 2, 4th St, Kailash Nagar, Tiruchirappalli,

      Tamil Nadu, India.

      Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.