Automatic Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

We manufacture an extensive range of blinds fabric, as well as offer the highest quality custom-made blinds with high-quality components. Our blinds and fabric have been sold to domestic and overseas markets. Our Main Products are Zebra blinds, Roller blinds, etc, which are very popular in the market. Our company always adheres to the principle of quality first, sustainable innovation service utmost, and integrity management. We believe that profession, higher quality products, and good service will help us create a win-win situation in the world.

Motorized blinds are extremely modern and convenient. One of the best things about them is that you can automate their movement by timing. So if you’re going out for example, you can automate them to shut at a certain time or when it goes dark, giving the illusion that there’s someone home, and so they bring a huge perk in the way of safety and protecting your property.

What are blinds?

Simply put, blinds are a window furnishing which – in many cases – you can move along different axes to allow light into a room, or to block it out. They come in different shapes, forms, and materials with each option offering something different to the previous or next. Whether they simply move up and down – or have the option the tilt forward and backward horizontally – blinds add a range of benefits to a space and make a real statement to your decor.

What are the most common types of blinds?

  1. Wooden Blinds: Wooden blinds often called wooden Venetian blinds are an elegant and charming choice. These blinds offer superb functionality, durability, and the timeless beauty of natural wood. Additionally, wooden blinds give buyers the flexibility to enjoy accurate light control and privacy. Best for Bedrooms and living rooms.
  2. Faux Wooden Blinds: When a space is prone to high levels of moisture, real wood can sometimes wrap or crack. To avoid this happening in kitchens or bathrooms, look to faux wooden blinds. Faux wooden blinds provide water resistance, and stain resistance and are as easy to clean as real wooden blinds. Best for Bathrooms and Kitchens
  3. Metal Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds aren’t limited to real or faux wood. Metal Venetian blinds are built using high-quality aluminum which is tough against moisture and wear and tear. The horizontal slats not only make them stylish and sleek, but like their wooden counterparts, they are equally functional. The slats can be accurately angled to allow for the perfect balance between privacy and light.
  4. Roller Blinds: Roller blinds are one of the most popular styles of blinds, enjoyed in thousands of homes across India. Their uncomplicated aesthetic makes them a great canvas for color and pattern, letting style-conscious decorators add a touch of their personalities to their decor with minimal fuss. These blinds contribute a great blend of privacy, light control, and thermal efficiency with blackout, thermal, and moisture-proof fabrics available to make the most out of your blinds. Best for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.
  5. Roman Blinds: Few blinds can compete with the beauty and sophistication of quality Roman blinds. By fitting one into your window, you can instantly add a feeling of refinement to a space. They are a classy window furnishing and a more compact alternative to curtains available in a wide range of colors, patterns, finishes, and materials. These include eco-friendly recycled fabrics which will help you to minimize the impact of your home on the environment.
  6. Illusion Blinds: Create functionality and flare in any home with a well-made illusion blind. These stylish blinds are built from a combination of sheer and opaque fabrics which allow daylight to filter into a space allowing a view to the outside. With the twist of a wand, however, the layers come together to deliver total privacy. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for rooms on the ground floor where you may work or entertain during the day but then relax the night-time. They look beautiful when set against patio doors, whilst working particularly well for bi-folds. Best rooms for Illusion Blinds – Living rooms and dining rooms.
  7. Vertical Blinds: Popular around the world, vertical blinds are a classic choice. The long, sleek slats have been used to great effect in homes and offices where flexibility of light control is paramount. In addition to the striking look of these blinds is their functionality. The arrangement and mobility of the slats- sometimes called louvers – provide buyers with excellent levels of light control from total light saturation, through various levels of light filtration to total blackout. Beyond Windows, vertical blinds are also an exceptional option for patio doors – just ensure there is enough room at the end of your patio door for the blind to stack neatly.
  8. Panel Blinds: Perfect for adding a sense of modern design to your space, panel blinds are similar to vertical blinds, but the slats are much wider creating a more contemporary design statement. Beyond exceptional window furnishings, panel blinds can easily be used for multifunctional spaces too! Do not, however, that, unlike vertical blinds, panel blinds can’t spin along the vertical axis. They are available in a range of colours and perfect for a wide host of popular interior design trends suitable not only for windows.
  9. Day and Night blinds: Few blinds offer as much flexibility as Day and Night blinds. These unique blinds, also known as Zebra blinds, feature alternating strips of material that glide against each other, allowing customers to switch between a block color – for full closure and privacy – and stripes that gently filter the light and views from outside. These stripes also make a space feel contemporary and fashionable in a more subtle way than other alternatives.

Smart Motorized Blinds and Shades

What is a smart blind?

Smart blinds are just window blinds that you can open and close via an app, voice control, or another smart method rather than physically doing it by hand. Smart blinds are useful in that you can schedule them to open and close or raise and lower at set times of the day or in response to other inputs. For example, you can connect a UV sensor to your smart blinds to close when the light reaches a certain point in your home.

Why should I get smart blinds?

Smart blinds can keep your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs by blocking out sunlight during the hottest parts of the day. They can help you stay cool during the summer and trap heat during the winter. They can also reduce the glare on screens without you needing to fiddle with drawstrings manually. Smart blinds are a great way to wake you up with natural light in the mornings once you set some schedules. Smart blinds can even help you save money and are typically worth the hefty upfront investment. 

What types of smart blinds are there?

Since blinds use a wide range of mechanisms to open and close, smart blind upgrades are equally diverse.

  1. The simplest, like the Mr Tech Smart shades, attach directly to the drawstring and drive it up or down on command. These kinds of smart blinds are super easy to install. Others attach on a horizontal track to draw curtains or blinds directly. These are just about as easy to install, minus the need to reach above and align on the tracks.
  2. The more involved systems replace your entire blind system and have a built-in motor. It’s more complicated to set up but produces a more seamless look. Tilt’s My Smart Roller Shade is a prime example of this format.
  3. You could also consider one of the many products offered by Mr Tech, which are designed to convert a wide range of existing blinds. For example, the Mr Tech Smart blinds will open or close blinds installed on sliding glass doors, while the Mr Tech blind tilt will automatically angle your traditional blinds based on how much sun is entering your room.

Are Smart motorized blinds easy to install?

  1. Smart blinds are relatively easy to install. Many of them mount to the window frame like regular blinds, with the only caveat being that they require batteries. Other smart blinds use a rectangle pack that you can plug in when the power is low.
  2. If you can install traditional blinds, you can install smart blinds. The exception is that smart blinds are hardwired into your wall. In many cases, this requires electrical work that many people are not comfortable doing – nor should they attempt doing it on their own. In a situation like this, an electrician might need to do the wiring before you install the blinds.
  3. Battery life depends on how often you open and close the smart blinds, and it will of course vary between companies. Users of the Mr Tech smart blinds report an average of two to three months on a single charge.
  4. Installation does become slightly more complicated when you set up DIY smart blinds. Many DIY kits make installation as easy as possible, but they still require removing your blinds and installing a motor inside the housing. If you aren’t much of a tinker, this can feel like a daunting task.

Energy Efficiency:

Electric Blinds are extremely energy-efficient in more ways than you may think. Not only do they use very little power to operate, but they can be used in various ways to help improve the energy efficiency of your home, whether it’s to retain heat, keep your home cool, or let more warmth in. Here are a few ways in which electric blinds can provide energy-saving benefits.

Low Power Draw:

Battery-operated blinds use small household D-cell batteries and are so energy efficient that the batteries can last up to 5 years with moderate use. Even if you have mains-supplied electric blinds installed, the amount of power that they use to operate is still very small.

Let Light and Heat In:

Electric blinds can be rolled away completely to ensure the full expanse of glass is exposed. This helps to let in the maximum light and heat possible into the room, thus reducing the need for artificial lights and heating in the home. By using our smart blinds your blinds will retract away fully to allow lots of light to flood into the room and maximize the benefits.


Various Control options: Mr Tech offers wired control for commercial buildings wherein wired AC motors can be controlled with wired wall switches or connected to building automation systems. These mechanical motors with high torques guarantee the solid and quiet operation of heavy-duty applications in office spaces. Similarly, the remote control solutions are perfectly suitable for the operation of separate rooms or floors in both private home offices and luxury homes. With smart control of motorized blinds, we create spaces that perfectly suit the way we live. So go ahead and discover our world of automation.

Live in motion:

Control the home form anywhere: If you’re choosing motorized Venetian blinds for a large room with multiple fixed windows or buying motorized Roman blinds for a bay window, you are likely to fall in love with our revamped motorized system solutions. With the help of a single remote, you can operate multiple window blinds quickly and easily. We also offer motorized solutions for outdoor blinds. These systems are resistant to water and dirt and as a result, are considered maintenance-free.

Technical Details:

Product NameAutomatic Smart Blinds and Shades
Operation VoltageAC 110v – 240V
Motor Diameter25 mm
Motor TypeTubular Motor
Working Torque1.2 Nm
Rated Speed35 Rpm
Aluminum Tube Diameter38mm
Power6.7 W
Current900 MA
Max. Width3 M
Maximum Height6 M
Protection ClassIP44
Min. Width0.53 M
Maximum Load Capacity10 kg

Skylight Blinds:

The new sky awning adopts a track design with 2 sides, which can flexibly adjust the position of the mounting point and the support rod. There are two kinds of fabric you could choose from: Daytime and Nighttime are available.

What are the Benefits of skylight blinds motorized?

Protect from the sunlight: Effectively block the direct sunlight, reduce the heat radiation into the room, reduce the UV damage to furniture and the human body, and create a suitable indoor environment.

Perspective and anti-dazzling: Through the irregular diffuse microholes of the fabric, you can enjoy the hazy scenery outside while reducing the dazzling light brought by direct sunlight.


  • Allow light to gently filter into your room while still providing privacy
  • Simple connectivity, programming, and operation.
  • Reduces heat and energy bills.
  • Provide quiet, elegant, convenient control of daylight.
  • Electronic programming limits via a transmitter.
  • One-touch control of individuals or groups of blind.
  • Integrated with the home automation system.
  • Built-in dry contact closure interface for direct connection to automation or smart home system.

Smart Wifi Motorized Vertical Blinds for Windows can be controlled by Voice control, Remote control, and Mobile App control.

  • Voice control: Support voice control via Alexa / Google Home / Siri via
  • Tuya control: plug the converter into the power supply, the indicator light of the converter will light up in blue for about 2 minutes, and when it slowly flashes blue, the converter will start up and enter the network configuration.
  • Timer control: support timer schedule set up to 30 times repeat daily or weekly. State of Setting – Up limit setting, Intermediate travel point setting, Down limit setting.
  • The intermediate stroke point setting must be completed within 1 minute after the total stroke setting is completed, and the motor does not have any operation. If the motor has other operations during this period, the intermediate stroke point setting should be completed within 1 minute.

Power Sources for Motorized Blinds and Shades:

Once you pick your blinds or shades, choose how to make them move.

How do motorized blinds work: It depends on the power source.

The three main power source options for shades and blinds are solar-powered, battery-powered, and electric. You can also hardwire the blinds to use electricity, but that’s less common.

Solar powered: The sun powers these motorized window treatments.

  1. most eco-friendly choice.
  2. May be the best-motorized shades or blinds option for a sunny space.
  3. Ideal for windows that are routinely in direct sunlight.
  4. Best on a window facing south or west for full sun.
  5. Sunlight energy is stored in a solar battery.
  6. No additional batteries or cords are needed.
  7. Conversion Kits available for current blinds
  8. Offers a sleek design.
  9. Not great for Shaded rooms, cloudy climates, or on awning-covered windows.

Battery Powered: Batteries provide power to the blinds or shades.

  1. Battery tube easily hides along a window frame or behind a window treatment.
  2. Let the window and room design shine.
  3. No wires or cords to hide.
  4. A small power source works best for smaller windows.
  5. Lithium-ion batteries work longer than regular batteries.
  6. Blinds may stall as batteries drain, so recharge as needed.
  7. Regular batteries are not recommended.

Plug-In or Electric: These motorized blinds plug into the wall with a DC power adapter.

  1. No special installation is required.
  2. Only needs a nearby outlet.
  3. A steady power source is more reliable than battery-powered blinds.
  4. Visible wire running from blinds may interrupt design flow.

Advantages of Motorized blinds and shades:

Although motorized blinds work in any home, they do have advantages over regular blinds. They’re available in almost any kind of shade or blind, vertical and horizontal.

  1. Motorized blinds are convenient for those with limited mobility. You don’t have to adjust them by hand.
  2. They’re great for large windows. Opening regular blinds or pulling up shades on huge windows can be challenging otherwise.
  3. These shades and blinds work perfectly for out-of-reach windows in a kitchen, office, or tall living room. Just touch a button to adjust the blinds.
  4. Motorized smart blinds can be controlled right from your phone. Smart home integration is possible too.

Another major benefit is that motorized blinds and shades give you light control and privacy without the human error aspect. By using motorized blinds or shades, you’ll deal with unevenly raised blinds or stuck shades less often.

  1. Raising blinds by hand is frequently frustrating. The result is an unsightly bunch of blinds on one side of the window.
  2. A shade might prove tricky to open manually, requiring several tries. In the end, it may just roll up at the top, completely out of reach.
  3. Motorized shades go up only as far as you need them.
  4. Top-down bottom-up shaders are a snap to control with a motor.
  5. Motorized blinds won’t leave you with uneven slats that have fanned out diagonally. 

Blinds of all kinds help prevent heat loss, limit harmful UV rays, and provide privacy. However, electric blinds and shade fit any home where a bit of window treatment charm is appreciated.

A programmable timer opens and closes your blinds or shades at a set time each day. It’s similar to a timer you’d use on a lamp.

  1. No remotes or wall installation is required.
  2. Set your shades to open to the morning sun or close with intense afternoon rays.
  3. A timer is perfect for when you’re out of town, but don’t want your neighbors to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know when I shall charge the motor ( for rechargeable battery motor)?

When the motor battery is low, the LED on the motor blinks. Please charge it before the battery is fully drained away. when the power is exhausted, the motor is prone to failure.

2. Does the motor work with App, Google Home, or Alexa without a smart hub?

Hard-wired motor or rechargeable motor compatible need a broadlink or smart hub to work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

3. When I click the remote button, why does the blind move only a few centimeters?

You need to first pre-set the upper and lower limits. After the setting, with only one click, it can go to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% positions automatically.

4. If you buy several sets of rolling blinds, do you need to buy several smart hubs at the same time?

One smart hub wifi covers the motor within about 6 meters, it can work with many devices, and the signal will weaken when encountering floor or walls. Please choose the number of Smart Hubs according to the actual situation.

5. What’s the difference between inside and outside recess fit?

An outside recess fit blind hangs on the outside of your window. An inside recess fit blind hangs within the recessed area of your window. Follow our measurement instructions precisely and don’t make any adjustments to fit the blind inside the window- we do all that for you.

6. How to clean the fabric of roller blinds?

Easy to clean roller blinds fabric, use a soft wet cloth to spot clean or vacuum with a dust catcher.

7. Are motorized blinds reliable? How long do they last?

Motorized window treatments are just as reliable as standard window treatments. But keep in mind that battery-operated shades will need to be charged periodically depending on usage. Most standard window treatments have an average lifespan of 3- 10 years. How often you are using your blinds or shades can also have an impact on their longevity.

8. Are Motorized Blinds Loud or Noisy?

This is a good question, Are the motors loud? The decibel range for motorized blinds will vary depending on the brand, product type, and potentially the size of the window treatment. However, motorized blinds are designed with volume in mind so they are very quiet, producing only a soft humming or whirring sound.


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