Aluminium Rolling Shutter

A variety of installation options, including the exterior, are installed with; installation of space does not request so much, does not take up space inside the garage.

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    With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services, and competitive prices, MR TECH has won numerous customers’ trust and support.

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter
    Advantages and Why You Choose Us
    please find the below specification of the advantages of our doors, and know if you purchase in India why you chose us
    Our Aluminium Rolling Shutter doors advantage
    Heat preservation
    Cold protection
    Lift protection
    Fire protection
    compartment noise

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Beautiful and fashionable appearance, surface paint handling, durable resistance to sunlight, weathering,

    water resistance, anticorrosion, and anti-scratch.

    A variety of installation options, including the exterior, are installed with; installation of space does not request so much, does not take up space inside the garage.
    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Slight rebound in case of recovery after the collision,

    such as external injury can be a single change according

    to each different case.


    Installation is simple, fast, and saves the construction period.

    Detailed images

    The door slats

    1. the door slats are : 100type, 77type, 60type, and 50mm
    2. the thickness: 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
    3. the material: aluminum
    4. the slats can be foamed

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    The alu. slats

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Alu. slats with end cap

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Alu. slats with foam

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Profile features: Double roll forming of shutter profiles, filed non-hydrocarbon fluoride foam polyurethane insulation, polyurethane foam can effectively eliminate noise, enhance the profile of the bending resistance, and prevent the emergence of condensation
    Profile surface and thin film multi-layer paint layer, with excellent scratch resistance, do not decay, wear, anti-knock, anti-impact. Full range of color profiles, in addition to beautiful white, there are light gray, brown, tan, cream color, sand color, sand color, and other light colors, so customers can taste mass customization.

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Aluminium Rolling Shutters of different materials and designs can prevent strong light and compact outside radiation, completely solved
    the sun on the interior of the greenhouse effect applied to
    a variety of changes in climate and weather, on long-term
    protective effect of the indoor environment, experimental
    results show that the Aluminium Rolling Shutter doors and windows on the sunblock rate up to 100% occlusion rate of the temperature up to 95%.

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    It can choose the interior, and exterior doors installed with the installation of three different ways to open the winding after the Aluminium Rolling Shutter in the upper door to save space inside the garage, and will not put dirt, rain, snow, and other debris into the garage, beautiful and stylish appearance. according to the different characteristics of the building.

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Encounter obstacles to human design automatically rebound to prevent the door when the car is running the whereabouts of the collision object, people or vehicles pass.

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter

    Solid door and equipped with automatic warning devices and anti-pushed device, prevent coercion lever door, continuous alarm, security alarm

    The door hardware

    The alu. roller shutter door hardware: door motors, door tracks, doors tube, door brackets, door screws, etc.

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter MOTOR
    tubular motor
    Aluminium Rolling Shutter SIDE Motor
    side motor
    Aluminium Rolling Shutter side channel

    aluminum side track with seal

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter pipe

    door tube

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter slats

    pre-installed door slats

    Aluminium Rolling Shutter slats

    separate order slats

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