Accessories Door RFID Card Control System MR-RFIDC1

The control panel receives the encrypted tag number from the reader, decodes the number, then compares the ID number to ID number already loaded onto the system. If the numbers match, and the user is authorized to access the door at that time, the door will unlock.

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    Accessories Door RFID Card Control System MR-RFIDC1

    125KHz Or 13.56MHz Proximity RFID Card S4A Access Control System Accessories Door Card

    Model No.: EM-22, EM-23, MF-26, MF-27, For Printing Purpose, UC-1

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    125KHz Or 13.56MHz Accessories Door RFID Card Control System MR-RFIDC1

    Frequency125KHz or 13.56 MHZ
    Inductive range2-10mm
    Readable and Writable Time>100000 Times
    Reaction Time1-2ms
    Data Retention>10years
    Dimensions86 x 540 x 0.88mm, 86 x 54 x 1.88mm


    MaterialHigh-quality PVC / PET / ABS
    Size85.5 mm x 54mm x 0.84±0.02mm (CR80: credit card size) or on your demand
    ThicknessISO Standard 0.76mm, else available 0.3mm /0.38mm /0.5m / 0.76mm, or on demand.
    Available Crafts1. Glossy, Matte, frosted laminated / finished
    2. Magnetic strip(Loco: 300oe, hico:2750oe / 4000oe
    3.Signature Panel and Scratch panel
    4.Barcode in different types(39/EAN 13/EAN 128…)
    5.Hotstamping gold/silver color
    6.Personalization: numbers or texts in thermal/ inkjet/embossed/laser engraved/UV printing
    Chip AvailableLow frequency 125khz smart card Model:EM22 EM23
    EM4100 – 64bit read-only
    EM4102 – 64bit
    TK4100, TK28, EM4200, EM4305, EM4450, EM4550
    Temic 5567, T5557, T5577
    Hitag1 – 2048bit
    Hitag2(ISO11784/85) – 256bit
    High Frequency 13.56mhz smart card
    Ntag213, tag 216
    S50 1k – 1k byte – ISo14443A
    S70 4k – 4k byte
    Fudan F08 – 1k byte
    ColorCan be printed in 1 to full color on both sides, and also pantone colors or silk screen colors, glossy / matt laminated/ UV film/ sandy surface.
    Sample AvailabilityFree RFID Card Samples are available upon request

    Accessories Door RFID Card Control System MR-RFIDC1

    The difference between IC -a Mifare card and an ID-EM 125KHz card

    The difference between an IC card and an ID card Here to talk about the difference between an IC card and an ID card to help you make the correct choice of RFID Card


    1. IC card and ID card definitions:

    RFID Card IC card’s full name is Integrated Circuit Card, also known as Smart Card. IC cards can be read and written, have a large capacity, have encryption,

    and data recording, are reliable, easier to use. There are PHILIPS Mifare series cards.

    ID card full name Identification Card is a non-written card, containing a fixed number, There are the Taiwan SYRIS EM, the United States HID, TI, MOTOROLA, and other types of ID cards.


    2. Why IC cards should be initialization (i.e. encryption), while ID cards do not?

    First, the IC card, when used, must first IC card and reader device through the unique way between the key authentications only after the relevant work, so that the whole system has a very high security.

    Therefore, we must initialize the factory IC card (i.e. encryption), aimed at the factory after the IC card generates

    the unbreakable key card system to ensure the security of the card payment mechanism system.

    Second, IC card initialization is encrypted, to the user, and the client through the IC card issuance systems, in turn generating their own system, the user card’s private key.

    Thus, RFID Card system guarantees issued by other users in the user card can not be used in the system to ensure the specificity of the system to ensure the safe use of the system mechanism.

    Third, ID cards and magnetic cards, like, are simply using the ‘card number’ only the card in addition to the card number, but without any security function, the ‘card’ is open and exposed. So the ID card is the ‘magnetic induction,

    it simply does not need or does not need to initialize the problem.

    Accessories Door RFID Card Control System MR-RFIDC1

    Fourth, the initialization process by the users themselves why do not you do it? This is because:

    1. If the user initialization, the user can not prevent insider favoritism. Because the user when using the card system, if people bought the cards with the community random initialization, can be released into the household can use the free household card, or even give free recharge card consumption, which will result in card system safety a serious flaw with the mechanism.
    2. In addition, RFID Card card user buys their inferior initial factory Oriented, and can not be used in the system will cause poor system performance or paralysis, which will result in unclear responsibility for the accident.
    3. The implementation of the initialization process in the factory, mainly the IC card security key authentication mechanism of basic needs, but also the IC card system integrator business practice.
    4. As urban public transport IC cards, these RFID Card before use in the public transport system, each card should be factory key encryption control.

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